Global explorations can be considered as one of the most remarkable milestones of anybody who had worked so hard for so many years. Of course, it has to be carefully planned from the very start. Among the many things to ponder about is your travel destination, accommodation and budget. As far as destinations are concerned, our versatile website highly recommends these 10 best islands in the world for you to commune with for a couple of days or two, with your whole family whom you sorely missed whenever you are too preoccupied with your job. Without so much more to say, here are the 10 most sought after islands in the world for you to explore and enjoy at the same time.

A nostalgic glimpse of Vancouver Island, Canada.

A nostalgic glimpse of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Top 10 Best Islands in the World

These are the 10 most exceptional islands in the world with their brief but informative descriptions. Learn more about them and eventually, you should enjoy your stay there without reservations.

  1. Vancouver Island– This is geographically situated at the heart of British Columbia. Likewise, it is regarded as the largest Pacific island, east of New Zealand. Since time immemorial it is frequently referred to as Quadra and Vancouver Island because of the pivotal influences of both Spanish and Canadian voyagers namely, Juan de la Bodega y Quadra and British navy officer George Vancouver. In addition to this, the beauteous island was first explored during the 18th century. Population wise, it is mainly centered on its metropolitan area, which is dubbed as its Capital Region.
  2. Big Island, Hawaii– This is mainly composed of Hawai?i County and the Hilo, HI Micropolitan Statistical Area. It was artistically fashioned by Mother Nature through its five separate shield volcanoes which had erupted for so many years.
  3. Maldives– This is officially known as the Republic of Maldives or Maldives Islands. It is actually an island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. Thus, it is the smallest Asian country in terms of population.
  4. Aeolian Islands– These group of splendid archipelagos have magnificently originated from a volcanic archipelago along the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. Etymologically, the island was named after Aeolus, a demigod. Topographically, its current shape is the end result of a volcanic movement which had taken place for over a period of 260,000 years.
  5. Maui, Hawaii– This is the second largest archipelago among the members of the Hawaiian Islands. As far as its bejeweled treasures are concerned, one of which are its diverse landscapes which had been formed due to the following factors: Climate, geology and topography.
  6. Mount Desert, Island Maine– This is the biggest island off the Maine Coast. It has a total land area of 108 square miles. Similarly, it has an estimated population of 10,000 people. Due to its charismatic elegance, this exotic island has a yearly visitor of two and a half million tourists.
  7. Kauai, Hawaii Island– This island has been known for many generations as the oldest island of Hawaiian Islands, main part. Geographically, it has a total land area of 562.3 square miles. Speaking of its enigmatic formation, it was made possible through the passage of the Pacific plate over the Hawaiian hotspot.
  8. Cape Breton Island Nova, Sotia– An awe-inspiring island, which is an exclusive part of Nova Scotia, Canada. Ever since its sudden discovery, its first inhabitants were called as Archaic maritime natives. Descriptively, this particular island has many rocky shores, rolling farmlands and glacial valleys to name a few.
  9. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador– These are volcanic islands which are equally distributed on both sides of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. In terms of its notable tourists’ attractions, among them are the following: The island has lots of endemic species which were said to be critically studied by Charles Darwin him-self, for his controversial theories of evolution and natural selection. Moreover, the first ever documented visit in this island has taken place in 1535 by a Panamanian Bishop in the person of Bishop of Panamá Fray Tomás de Berlanga.
  10. Bali, Indonesia– This is the most sought after island in the world according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. Currently, it has a total demographics of 4.22 million and still growing. Accordingly, it is a wonderful haven to the Hindu Minority of Indonesia. Over and above anything else, this marvelous island is known to many as the center of the highly developed arts, traditional and modern dance, impressive sculptors among others.

These 10 best islands in the world are indeed exhilarating, interesting and grandiose in their strictest sense. Furthermore, the said thrilling wonders of nature have inexpressibly reflected how God and mankind can work together as harmoniously as possible to attain a kind of international prestige which will remain to be in a pedestal as years come and go.

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