Lucky streaks can hit anyone in an unexpected place, at the right time. Though it might sound extremely unbelievable, but it happened. A lucky couple from California was dumbfounded when a trove of buried treasure worth $10 million dollars, was found in their own lot last year. According to many US residents, this is the most remarkable kind of a buried treasure story which was ever recorded in the history of the United States. Based on this extraordinary chronicle of luck, the $10 million buried treasure is composed of 1,400 pieces of gold which dates back during the closing years of 1800’s and a lot more. Briefly, these humongous buried treasure was suddenly discovered by the couple while they were strolling their cute dog.

$10 million worth of buried treasure was found in California last April.

$10 million worth of buried treasure was found in California last April.

The mysterious buried treasure was found by the enormously blessed couple in eight metal tin cans, that were slowly decomposing last April. From there on, US authorities plans to sell those rare coins for the benefit of those lucky keepers as soon as possible. Likewise, a percentage of this buried treasure will be put on display in the forthcoming American Numismatic in Atlanta within this year.

Indeed, there is a concealed and buried treasure on earth which is exclusively meant for those people with golden hearts and souls.


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