The realities of life are not always painful. Sometimes, it is the best avenue to become the noblest person on the face of the earth. While I was figuring out what to write for my next article, a heartwarming news item caught and stirred my fancy to an inexpressible level of joy, proudness and praise for a totally selfless man without any shadow of a doubt. Have you ever realized that a 100-year old beggar would ever be proclaimed as a living saint? Read on to get to the bottomline of this story.

This man is a century old beggar who begs not for himself, but for God.

This man is a century old beggar who begs not for himself, but for God.

The future living saint of the world, who begs regularly on the streets of Sofia in Bulgaria goes by the name of Dobri Dobrev. According to reliable sources, his collections of tens of thousands of euros on the average were only donated according to his own will and volition to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. What is so amazing about his incomparable deed was the fact that he had left nothing for him-self.

As a result, Dobrev had become as the biggest private donor of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral despite of his very simple and worth commending kind of lifestyle. According to this hunchbacked beggar,

Take some bread, it comes from God.

Based on the total gross of his precious church donations, it has already amounted to a total of 35,700 leva. If one wishes to convert this into euros, it would be at 18,250 euros.

In a more intimate level, this man with a rich and an angelic soul was born in 1914. He became partially deaf because of those devastating bombings during the Second World War. From then on, he left his beloved family to earn a living in those trying moments of his life. As previously mentioned, he is tirelessly roaming on the streets of Sofia to collect alms for two decades now. Aside from having a golden heart, he has been gifted from Above with the wisdom of clairvoyance.

Conclusively, this Living Saint of Bulgaria serves as an inspiration to all of us who do not know the real essence of giving. After reading about his moving story, I have come to terms with reality that our social standing in life is not a barrier if we really want to make a major difference in other people’s lives.


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