Faith never withers through time and space. This is what Pope Francis has been trying prove to all Roman Catholic faithfuls across the globe. The kind-hearted Pope has beatified 124 martyrs of Korea during a mass celebration last Saturday. The said solemn ceremony was held at Gwanghwamun plaza.

Pope Francis  was welcomed by thousands of Koreans in Seoul.

Pope Francis was welcomed by thousands of Koreans in Seoul.

This is considered as the main thoroughfare of such kinds of ceremonies in Seoul, Korea. Approximately, one million Catholics had been expected to join this momentous occasion in the history the Catholic Church. However, there were only 200,000 people who had attended the most glorious beatification for 2014. Those attendees were pre-registered and had passed a sophisticated metal detector which was situated along a 4.5 kilometer long security cord.

Prior to the much awaited beautification of these sanctified souls from Korea during those ancient times, it has been the subject of an all encompassing security operations. To date, bridges subway stations and major routes were closed. Likewise, police snipers were strategically positioned on top of roofs of those so-called overlooking buildings with sealed windows. As far as its spectators were concerned, some of them had arrived before dawn to be able to have an up close and personal glimpse of the most well-loved pope next to the late Saint Pope John Paul II. Speaking of the event’s highlights, Pope Francis had started with the Shrine of Seosomun. After which, he proceeded to Gwanghwamun. He rode a vehicle that is characterized aa open-top vehicle just like the previous ones which were used by previous pontiffs.

Those 124 Korean martyrs who were beatified were killed because of their beliefs. Included in the roster of these new saints was a nobleman from the 18th century whose name was Paul Yun Ji Chung. Due to his recent beatification, he became Korea’s first Catholic martyr when he was tearfully executed in 1591. This had happened after an argument with Confucian officials. Based on the history of Korean Catholicism the non- believers of Confucianism were beheaded because of their refusal as far as its adherence to the said universal religion in Korea.

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