The serene atmosphere in Palawan was suddenly disturbed as if there was a natural calamity that has swept away the province, in the early morn of July 30, 2014. To their surprise, it was a 16-foot crocodile which was found Barangay Rio Tuba in Bataraza Palawan. According to its residents, the said terrifying and treacherous reptile was held in captivity after these keen Palawenos have noticed that there was a mysterious movement under a house that had somehow lurked to disturb them at around 1:00 in the morning. Due to its huge size, it almost needed a total of six persons so as to safely apprehend the said croc without remorse.

A 16-foot crocodile was captured in Palawan last July 30, 2014.

A 16-foot crocodile was captured in Palawan last July 30, 2014.

After it had been meticulously tied up, those courageous and diligent natives of Palawan had dragged the very observant aquatic creature just below a house nearby. To make sure that this reptile will not fiercely take a revenge, it was tightly tied with a sturdy rope. Based on the strict rules and policies of wildlife preservation and conservation, the 16-foot crocodile was brought to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Convention Center. The latter is said to be responsible in taking good care of those species in the Philippines. Aside from these aforementioned information, there were no other related stories which pertained to this dangerous animal. Here is the actual video of the crocodile which was captured by friendly Palawaneos.

Over the years, there was also an amiable crocodile which was said to be the biggest crocodile in captivity. He was named as Lolong. He was scientifically described as an Indo- Pacific saltwater type of crocodile. Measurement wise, it is about 20 foot and 3 inches. H was captured in Bunawan Creek, Agusan del Sur. According to its legend, it had devoured a fisherman and a 12-year old girl. As a result, the head of this helpless child was discovered almost two years before Lolong was captured. Hence, this 16-foot crocodile had surely learned its lesson the hard way.

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