In today’s modern and fast-paced world, most youths are no longer aware of the word respect. Of course, this very important word has something to do with God’s creations regardless of what and who they are. However, it is very unfortunate to know that there are some youngsters in our midst who do not even bother to apply what they have learned from school. Just recently, a lovable dog was forced to drink some beer by mischievous students who held a keg upside down.

After which, the poor and helpless Labrador was mercilessly treated like a slave during an off-campus party last Saturday. According to police authorities, the said inhumane act was even posted in an unidentified Twitter account.


A helpless dog in NY, was treated like a slave as it was forced to drink beer by two NY students.

Due to that very disgusting attitude of these students, two of them were sued of animal torture and physical injury. Based on the perceptions of police authorities, even dogs have the right to be respected and protected. To date, the poor animal was brought to the nearest local dog ward.

This article would like to shed light on the matter of animal welfare. In this regard, a government of any country should impose a much stricter law with respect to this disgusting misdemeanor that can negatively taint a particular country’s moral ascendancy.

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