2014’s Newest Medical Breakthroughs: God’s Greatest Gifts To Mankind

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Have you ever wondered how is it going to be, if you have been blessed with bionic eyes most especially for those people who are visually impaired since birth? This is just one of the numerous 2014’s newest medical breakthroughs that each one of us must be graciously thankful for. Apart from these colossal scientific innovations, that will definitely create lots of domino effects in the lives of millions, there are also newly-discovered medical implants that would allegedly impede brain seizures and the first-ever oral medication for the dreaded Hepatitis C. These are only some of the latest scientific inventions that might remarkably change the medical world in the most comprehensive and prolific ways.

Meanwhile, these roster of amazing and 2014’s newest medical breakthroughs were made and meticulously finalized by a team of brilliant medical doctors and science researchers from the internationally-acclaimed Cleveland Clinic. After making these critical and unbiased selections of the best medical fruitions in today’s fully made up medical fora, almost all of these world renowned judges have positively claimed that these marvelous byproducts of science and research technology would necessitate a more responsive and effective healthcare industry in the years ahead. Along this juncture, there are specific criteria before any medical or scientific feat can be considered as a successful achievement. First and foremost to get the judges’approval, a new medical treatment or innovation must possess a very advantageous characteristic for the welfare and benefit of those patients who are really in dire need of such excellent scientific results of science and human ingenuity. Second, a certain prospective candidate in the arena of scientific revolution should be responsible for a quick and active response towards the achievement of a quality healthcare for each and everyone all over the world. Below, are some of 2014’s Newest Medical Breakthroughs in a rundown: Take a peak on each one of them, and see for yourselves how scientific inventions can genially turn our world into something that freely expresses the true meaning of a “New Age”.

3D Printed Ear

Science has always made the field of medicine, such an amazing sphere of exceptional innovations which give hope to those people who wanted to have a new lease of life.

2014’s Newest Medical Breakthroughs

The dynamic and ever-changing world of medical science and research will never be the same again without these 2014’s newest medical breakthroughs. Let this article describe them in brief.

A New Approach in Treating Cancer of the Blood
This is being referred to as the B-cell receptor pathway inhibitors which are proven and tested in addressing those physiological problems in relation to the low-grade B lymphomas and leukemia in extensive clinical trials. According to a research study that was conducted by experts that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the said cancer treatment had overwhelmingly received an overall response rate of an estimated 71% from those patients who are afflicted with a lethal blood cancer which is also known as “chronic lymphocytic leukemia”. Accordingly, these new drugs can permanently kill the deadly malignant B cells without causing any negative effect on a human body’s healthy cells.

Novel Biomaker for Cardiovascular Ailments
Speaking of this new health discovery, a Novel Biomaker for heart diseases which has a component that is called as the “trimethylamine N oxide”, an effective and presumably the most dependable tool to aid the most accurate screening process of those people who do not have risk factors in so far as heart-related problems are concerned. Amazingly, a TMAO is a byproduct of an intestinal bacteria. Further, the most surprising revelation of this recent scientific study is the significant fact that a bacteria in our digestive system can provide us with those clues which are somehow could be of great help in letting us know if we have those triggering factors that might lead to a severe case of heart attack.

Computer- Assisted Sedation without an Anesthesiologist
Commonly, there are delicate medical procedures which badly need the assistance of an anesthesiologist prior to the actual operation itself. In this respect, one of the most incredible innovations of modern scientists in our midst is no other than the but the “Computer-Assisted Sedation”. To describe, the said one-of-a-kind device will be the one to administer the right amount of a sedative drug, which would be named as “profofol”. However, it must be closely monitored by a medical professional who has to be a certified non-anesthesia practitioner

Bionic Eyes for Acute Visual Impairments
For those people out there who can no longer bear the pain and misery of having a severe eye disease which is medically termed as “retinitis pigmentosa”, it is high time that you must rejoice and be thankful to God because he has blessed and provided those geniuses, the talent, wisdom and patience that had successfully initiated the creation of bionic eyes. Your soon to be bionic vision, is comprised of a medical implant which is mainly comprised of a 60-electrode retinal prosthesis that can magnificently decode several wireless transmissions from a given pair of eyeglasses. Apart from these must see features of a bionic vision, it has been equipped with a high-resolution video camera and a video processing unit, which can be either be worn or carried anywhere you wish to go.

Conclusively, these out of this world 2014’s newest medical breakthroughs are the most priceless gifts that God has given to those people who are constantly searching for a glaring and radiant ray of hope, ever since that science has drastically modified the complex lives of humans to a more sophisticated, convenient and most importantly, a fruitful way of life.

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  1. Leslie Mack says:

    I have retinal vein occlusion in my right eye and lost my vision over a year ago. I only get shots in my eye for swelling but here is no cure on the market for this problem. Avastin are the shots I get every 4 to 6 weeks. I there is anything that can be done for me please contact my email. Thank you and God bless you in advance for your help?

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