Our bodies are sacred as our own religion, culture and identity. These are exceptional gifts from God that are irreplaceable despite of all the efforts of medical science to discover new and yet effective medical breakthroughs that could possibly restore or maintain its flawless physiological constitution. However, as years passed the human body in one way or another is becoming weaker and weaker as we all reach our twilight years. As a result, there are some exemplary byproducts of modern science that are being discovered to keep us healthy according to our modern physicians. But, should we always adhere to their medical advices and generalities? Well, you have to objectively assess your options as you are about to discover these 3 dangerous body toxins that can cause you lots of miseries if they are not properly administered. Read on.

Radiation therapy for cancer treatments can cause you lots of side effects in the long run.

Radiation therapy for cancer treatments can cause you lots of side effects in the long run.

In the subsequent sections, get to know more about these 3 dangerous body toxins which inherently emanate from the food that we eat, utensils and even the cosmetics that we use among others. These can be any of the following:

3 Dangerous Toxins Inside the Human Body

These enumerated 3 dangerous body toxins can be avoided, if we will be adopting the principles of a holistic lifestyle. Among these poisonous things and harmful medical treatments are:

  • Heavy metals– We are are all caught unaware that we are always exposed to these things when we eat some seafood. Also, when our teeth need some dental amalgams. Apart from these, the cosmetics that we use contain some amounts of heavy metals. In our kitchens, the pans that we use, alongside with a dash of baking powder do have these dangerous substances. Effects wise, our continuous exposures to these toxins will give rise to these side effects: Chronic fatigue, allergies, headaches, paralysis, brain fog and insomnia.
  • Radiation– Based on current studies, the most dangerous forms of radiations are electromagnetic radiation and cesium-137. Some appliances, gadgets and medical apparatuses that positively contain these harmful radiations are: Computers, microwaves,chemotherapy apparatuses and mobile phones. Unfortunately, medical researches have concluded that these modern innovations can cause certain cancers.
  • Xenoestrogens– These are manmade types of estrogens that are composed of mimicking molecules, which are commonly found in the following: Plastic containers, lining of canned products, toiletries and those chemicals that are specially meant for agricultural purposes. Thus, If you are regularly using these things in your everyday lives, you are too susceptible in having breast and prostate cancers, a lower libido, lack of energy and so much more.

How should we deal with these 3 lethal toxins if we tend to encounter them every day? Well, the safest answer would be is to earnestly find other alternatives to these basic necessities before it’s too late.

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