Alcohol and breastfeeding do not exhibit any harmonious relationship insofar as the health of a newborn baby is concerned. Just recently, a doting mother was arrested because she was allegedly drinking alcohol while she was breastfeeding her child in an Arkansas restaurant. As a result, her baby was getting a bit tipsy at the same time. In defense of her dangerous action, Adams who is a waitress in the said restaurant has this to say.

I’ll say it till the day I die, I was sober enough to breastfeed my kid.

Breastfeeding Mother

Alcohol and breastfeeding should not be combined together because of its irreversible health hazards.

Based on the scientific studies of medical experts, large or small amounts of alcohol are both dangerous to the overall well-being of a woman’s baby. To date, below is the direct statement of Catherine Herway, MD, assistant director of maternal fetal medicine at Staten Island University Hospital.

It’s definitely gray. There just aren’t enough good-quality studies to give us the full picture.

Moreover, Beth Conover who is a nurse practitioner at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha and a member of the board of directors of Mother To Baby had said.

Mothers of newborns less than three months old should be extra careful about drinking as the baby’s brain is still developing and very vulnerable.

In addition to this, alcohol and breastfeeding stunt the physical growth of a baby to a large extent. This was according to Dr. Herway. In fact, there was one scientific study which had found out that one shot of alcohol or even more than the average takes into effect an impaired development of the baby’s psychomotor skills. More so, it impedes the production of milk according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In cases wherein nursing moms cannot avoid their alcoholic urges while they are breastfeeding their young, listen to the advice of medical experts. These moms should not exceed the 0.5 kilograms of alcohol in relation to a kilogram of the baby’s total body weight.

To wrap up, alcohol and breastfeeding are both opposite poles which can never ever attract each other. As a word of advice, Dr. Herway wants all nursing moms to remember this very noteworthy fact.

Don’t breastfeed your baby as you’re drinking or right after drinking. If a mom is going to drink alcohol, she should wait at least three to four hours until breastfeeding the baby.

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