Healthy meals are like precious diamonds, which never lose its luster through the years. These are human essentials which are badly needed by our bodies to perfectly maintain the ideal metabolism rate. As a result, each of our body organs will harmoniously work with one another to prevent us from getting sick. Primarily, a healthy body and mind is the essence of a happy and stress-free overall well-being. But, how are we going to achieve this in the most practical and special way? The succeeding paragraphs will take care of your well-appreciated query. Actually, there are three delicious and healthy meals which are scientifically studied in order to provide you and your family with the optimum health benefits that you are earnestly searching for in years.

A sumptuous meal sample of a Mediterranean diet.

A sumptuous meal sample of a Mediterranean diet.

3 Appetizing Meals for a Healthy Body and Mind

Here are some of the most delicious and healthy meals that are being highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide. Try to prepare them at home, and see whether or not if they have indeed benefited you to the fullest extent.

  • Feel Good Sandwich with Salmon.- This is a pan-seared salmon, that is amazingly combined with walnut-and-spinach pesto on whole-grain roll with radicchio. Health wise, a salmon is rich in DHA fatty acids, and spinach is fully-packed with magnesium. The main benefit that you can derive from this kind of meal, is that it can make you feel happy when you are depressed.
  • Mediterranean Detox Salad– This is mainly composed of the following ingredients namely: Watercress, artichokes, celery, red onion, and feta tossed with cucumber vinaigrette. This kind of salad is loaded with Vitamin C, caffeic acid, diuretic and anti-bloating properties. When consumed for at least twice a week, it will gradually minimize your bloated feeling for as much as 170 calories.
  • Blackberry-Banana Slim-Down Smoothie– This delicious and healthy beverage is comprised of banana and blackberries, which are perfectly blended with light coconut milk, low-fat yogurt and a touch of lemon zest and honey. Ultimately, this marvelous concoction will powerfully release your body’s inherent fat-burning capabilities.

Your healthy and delicious regimen for a sound body and mind, must always include what you specifically need. More so, it should not be just about the taste and its nutritional requirement. What matters a lot, is that these health-giving food are impeccably filled with love and kindness when prepared not just for you but for your whole family as well.

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