An awesome and yet retentive memory can be best compared to a walking encyclopedia, which impeccably answers almost all easy to hard queries under the sun. It is a more than a gift to cherish and wisely utilize to best benefit those people who earnestly desire for a kind of information that remains to be ever-dynamic and evolving to uplift the standards of social awareness amidst the traditional conventions of men. A human memory can uniquely store millions of information if it is totally free from those disturbing memory stressors that we are not genially aware of. Now, have you ever wondered about what are those stressors that in one way or the other ruin your versatile cognitive functioning? Well, if not here are the Top 4 Memory Stressors that you must be aware of.

Scientifically , one of the worst memory stressors ever studied is having an inadequate sleep.

Scientifically , one of the worst memory stressors ever studied is having an inadequate sleep.

4 Memory Stressors that Hamper Retention

This extremely engaging article will gladly impart to you these 4 deadly memory stressors that are too difficult to get away with throughout your whole time. Read the subsequent sections with an open mind and heart for your added guidance and awareness, as to how you can effectively shun away these memory stressors for good. Here they in a rundown.

  1. Inadequate Sleep- This will severely affect your brain or cognition in a manner by which our brain is somehow impaired. Aside from this, if you deprive your-self of this much needed health essential you might suffer from poor reaction time, fatigue and a poor attention span.
  2. Depression and anxiety- These psychological debacles make our brain to lose control of those essential synapses which connect it from one cell to another. If this happens, the Central Nervous System will find it hard to create and retrieve memorable events.
  3. Prescriptive Medications- Did you know that there are some drugs which make us to forgetful at times? These mainly affect our long-term and short memories. Among these dangerous medications that affect our brain negatively are painkillers and cardiovascular types of prescriptive drugs.
  4. Smoking- This causes memory lapses, it impedes the supply of blood all through our body. Thus, the nicotine and other dangerous chemicals in every piece of cigarette tend to produce abnormal proteins which lead to the difficulty of the brain to retain and relay vital information.

Memory stressors deteriorate the proper and effective functioning of our brain. Therefore, we must eat well and rest our cognitive faculties whenever it is necessary.

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