The human body is just like a machine, which weakens so suddenly. Oftentimes, it caught us unaware. Inevitably, there are 4 unusual ailments that could hit you anytime regardless of whoever you are. Without further introduction, here are these dumbfounding ailments that we must comprehensively discover before it’s too late.

This is a mysterious skin disease, known as adulescens inferno.

This is a mysterious skin disease, known as adulescens inferno.

4 Unusual Illnesses that Might Caught You By Surprise

Although there are many medical breakthroughs in our midst, these extraordinary diseases have been found out to be terrifying in a sense that their possible cures are not yet known at the moment. Here are some of these obscure medical maladies that astounded me while writing this article.

  1. Digestive Entero Auto-Deliquescence– The digestive juices of a human body are incredibly robust as a steel. However, the onset of peptic ulcers tend to develop when the following occurs: The mucus cells inside your digestive tract is longer capable of doing its job in terms of protection, the production of alkaline is extremely high. Also, it is somewhat triggered by the inability of the digestive vessels to regulate the production of gastric juices at certain levels. If this happens, these juices will go directly to your bile ducts or cystic duct. As a result, the Digestive Entero Auto-Deliquescence develops. Commonly, this illness has no symptoms. Thus, if this is not treated immediately, it can somehow lead to organ failure.
  2. Peabody’s Dimunition– Have you ever felt these signs and symptoms? A bad and disgusting migraine attack, the so-called pink fingers of yours had reached the external edge of your eye and lastly, if you are touching your earlobes with your thumb too often? If so, then you might be suffering from a Peabody’s Dimunition Syndrome. This disease was named after Whittaker Peabody, who gravely suffered from such an illness after he had been subjected from strong radio waves when he was chosen to be the subject for an experimental study that was conducted Thomas Alva Edison. After several years of direct exposure these lethal waves, he had suddenly developed a shrinking head, crippling migraine attacks and those miserable pains.
  3. Adulescens Inferno– Acne problems are part of growing up. In fact, eight of 10 teens are having some daily struggles with such a disturbing health problem. However, under relatively extreme cases an Adulescens Inferno might be underway without you noticing them. It was first discovered in the year 1988, somewhere in the outside village of Columbia. Historically, it was first manifested in a teenager’s skin which silently moves inside the person’s skin cells. As months passed by, it reaches the sensitive derma layering of the skin. Afterwards, it develops into a highly contagious kind of acne which is named as Adulescens Inferno. In addition, the most fearsome thing about this dreaded disease is that when this viral infection finally leaves the derma part of a skin it secretly attack one’s body. In effect, the said retrovirus will slowly strike the victim’s cheekbones, nose throat and mouth. Worst of all, this dangerous type of acne can go even deeper inside your tongue. Thus, If this is not immediately treated it could lead to facial deformities, suffocation and swelling difficulties.
  4. Credula Cerebrum Morbo– This is a kind of brain disease that is degenerative in nature. It is mainly caused by a viral infection that is scientifically known as the mendax virus. Descriptively, this particular viral infection excuses no one. At first, there are no evident signs and symptoms. But, as it progresses these physical manifestations might become more evident. Among these are the following: Blurred vision, back and neck pains, fatigue and headache and irritated eyes. As far as its negative consequences are concerned, the patient might suffer from forgetfulness, the inability to concentrate and even a mild amnesia. Treatment wise, there is no cure yet for this mysterious disease.

These unusual ailments which are really debilitating and non-treatable, pose a big challenge to the medical fora in terms of the following areas: Treatment modalities and their ultimate prevention. In the not so distant future, it is optimistically desired by everyone that scientists and medical experts alike would be able to discover a more potent anti-viral medicine that can finally arrest the sudden and unexpected growth of these viruses that bitterly ruin the lives of millions in just a few seconds.

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