Japan, The Land of the Rising Sun was jolted by a 5.6 magnitude quake which suddenly happened near the Honshu region last Monday. This was according to the reports which were released by the US Geological Survey. Likewise, Japanese seismologists have found out that the epicenter of the 5.6 magnitude quake was recorded at 44 kilometers of the north- north eastern section of Tokyo. Further, the nerve shaking wrath of Mother Nature was located around 50 kilometers underneath the surface. The devastating tremor at 12:28 local time.

Japan's serenity was awakened by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake yesterday.

Japan’s serenity was awakened by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake yesterday.

As a result, people were swiftly running to get out of those affected buildings before time catches up on them. According to other reports, the Japanese Meteorological Agency gladly said tht there were no irregularities along the Tokyo and Fukushima nuclear regions respectively. Meanwhile, the official operators of those establishments had said

There was no abnormality in our monitoring at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant following the earthquake. Also, we have not received any reports of damage from the latest quake.

Similarly, the Japan Atomic Power Company had revealed that the Tokai No. 2 Power Station which was located near the quake’s epicenter was miraculously spared from the possible immeasurable effects of the earthquake. It is really worth noting that Japan was not severely damaged by the 5.6 magnitude quake. Given this kind of situation, the goal-oriented government of Japan has not wavered in making their country safe and sound all these years. Japan has dynamically strengthened herself without saying a word. At one point, in the colorful history of Japan it has successfully hurdled the worst quake in 2011.

On the other hand, the Philippines must do the same thing in relation to disaster preparedness. In this way, hundreds of thousands will be saved when an earthquake. Indeed, God’s powerful hands have unquestionably prevailed over Japan because she has beautifully blossomed in all glory to provide the best of both worlds for its citizens.

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