Gardening is one of the best and productive hobbies that you can easily engage in, regardless of whether you like it or not. It fruitfully promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones, most especially with the kinds of food that you eat. Foodstuffs that are directly uprooted from your garden have lots of vitamins and minerals as compared to those commercialized fruits and vegetables which are enormously proliferating in markets nowadays. But, prior to your bountiful harvest, there is one essential component that you must constantly have in mind. These are the 5 amazing fertilizers for your garden that you have not discovered yet.

These banana peelings are one of the most eco-friendly fertilizers for your garden.

These banana peelings are one of the most eco-friendly fertilizers for your garden.

5 Amazing Homemade and Natural Garden Fertilizers

These 5 amazing garden fertilizers are usually found in your kitchen and all around your house, if you had only known about their inherent capabilities and effectiveness in growing your plants veggies and fruits in the most natural ways. These are:

  1. Ammonia– A kind of natural fertilizer which is commonly used in the following: Hydrangea, cucumbers, lilac and clematis. As far as its composition is concerned, ammonia is alkaline-based. To begin with, all you need to do is to dilute at least 1/4 cup of ammonia in a gallon of water. Do this type of treatment occasionally.
  2. Baking Soda– For your garden’s healthier blooms, all you need to do is to put 1 tablespoon of baking in 2 liters of water.
  3. Banana Peelings– Did you know that the peeling of your favorite banana is rich in potassium? To be used as one of your plants’ amazing fertilizers, simply dry it on a screen during the winter season. Grind those peelings in a food processor and use as much as you want to make your plant and fruit seedlings a lot healthier. Also, you can also cut and place them inside your garden plants.
  4. Coffee Grounds– Scientifically speaking, it is the acidity content of these unadulterated fertilizers which makes those rosebushes and evergreens to grow as beautiful as a blooming lady. Apart from this essential, coffee grounds are in the same way rich in nitrogen and trace minerals. In using them. just make it certain that they are carefully digged into the soil to prevent the unwanted appearance of molds. Use only 1/4 cup of these plant fertilizers near its roots Do this for at least once a month, to ensure that your garden’s ultimate treasures are getting what they best deserve.
  5. Tea– Sprinkle some fresh or dry tea leaves around your rosebushes. Then, cover them with mulch for its much needed midsummer boost. As you water your plants everyday, the nutrients from the tea will be released in the soil to foster their spurring growth. Meanwhile, your lovely roses in your garden will generously absorb the tannic acid in tea. Of course, if you do prefer the brewed concoctions of teas there will be no problem as well. Last but not least, make use of wet tea leaves into the soil to transform your plants into something that is more radiant than ever before.

Natural fertilizers are just like organic food for our bodies. These are enriched with those nutrients which do not negatively interfere with a soil’s magnificent composition to make our plants strong and beautiful each day. Therefore, you must try these 5 amazing fertilizers for your garden without hesitations.

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