Saying I do is a lifetime commitment between two people who have been bounded by fate and destiny. Therefore, not anyone of them can easily walk away from one another if their marriage suddenly falls apart because of many different factors. As we all know, marriage is a lawful and binding covenant that never ends. Instead, it is always a continuing saga and evolution of the following human essentials: Personal and emotional growth, financial independence, a nurturing spiritual growth and a profound intellectual development.

If you feel that you dearly possess all these criteria; then, there should not be any impediment as to why you should not get married in the first place. However, if you do lack any of these here are the other 5 best indicators that you must remember of not getting married yet.

Marriage is a lifetime vow and commitment. Therefore, if you do not want to get married yet it's your choice.

Marriage is a lifetime vow and commitment. Therefore, if you do not want to get married yet it’s your choice.

5 Prominent Indicators of Not Getting Married Yet

For those of you out there who might be planning to tie the knot in the near future, try to ponder on these tips on why you should not hurry in getting married as soon as possible. Read on.

  1. You might be in an unstable kind of relationship.- If you and your partner are into an off and on type of a romantic involvement, never hesitate to think twice in tying the knot. Meaning, if you cannot handle the inadequacies of each other getting married is not yet the right time for the both of you.
  2. Being pressured by external factors and the people around you.- Among the not so good parameters under this second indicator are as follows: Peer pressure, unexpected pregnancies and inevitable family conflicts. Always have in mind, that marriage is based on love and your willingness to be with the person that you love the most.
  3. Financial instability– This does not entail a huge bank account. All it takes is that you will both have the adequate monetary resources to survive, without getting down the drain.
  4. Trust Issues to deal with– It goes without saying that TRUST is the ultimate pillars of a blissful marriage. So, if you are still in doubt of your partner’s sincerity you must stay single until you are both ready to trust one another without strings attached.
  5. No mutual compromise involved between you and your partner.- Simply, this means to say that if you are clueless on how settle your petty or major arguments, you must not plunge into a soon to be complicated married life.

It is not really a big deal, if you are not getting married yet. What matters most, is that you are genuinely happy when true love comes your way.

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