There is no need to explain that your immune system is one of the most vital parts of your body. It has the exceptional capacity to protect you from harmful bacteria and pathogens that strongly affect or destroy your immune system in the long run. Based on the scientific researches of experts, there are 5 deadly things that you must be aware about in order to make your immune system as strong as it should be, specially in today’s world where you may be exposed with pollution and stress. Hope this article can help you live your life to the fullest.

It is really unbelievable that antibiotics can harm your immune system.

It is really unbelievable that antibiotics can harm your immune system.

5 Life-Threatening Factors that Destroy Your Immune System

The subsequent sections of this enlightening article will reveal these five deadly things that could possibly harm an individual’s immune system gradually, with getting noticed. Surprisingly, these are as follows:

  1. Microwavable Popcorns– Researches have shown that those microwavable popcorn bags are commonly coated in the so-called non-stick chemicals which are scientifically referred to as perflurorinated compounds (PFCs). In case you are not aware of this kind of chemical, it has the awesome ability to effectively trap the grease from penetrating inside the popcorn bag. To resolve, cook your favorite popcorn on a stovetop.
  2. Non-stick pots and pans– Many of us have find it more convenient to use those new cooking innovations insofar as our non-stick pots and pans are concerned. Little did we know, that they have chemical substances which are called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate respectively. These particular chemicals mix in your blood which could possibly trigger an autoimmune disease osteoarthritis. For an instant solution, if these cooking utensils of yours have scratches already be sure to replace them with any of these alternatives: Glass-made kitchen utensils, imported cast iron from USA and stainless steel cooking materials.
  3. Depression or extreme loneliness– Did you know that your unique cells for immunity against illnesses are sociable in nature? Yes, they are based on the recent findings of medical doctors and scientists. Consequently, your T- cells automatically scan your body if there are unwanted diseases inside you. But, if you are always under stress and sad your immune system is somewhat undergoing a negative process of suppression. So, you must make it a point to unleash your friendly attitude to make your immune system happy and active each day.
  4. Inadequate amount of sleep– If you are sleeping less than eight hours a day, your T-cells might get lower than the usual level. In effect, your body will have lesser amounts of antibodies. Therefore, have 7 to 9 hours of long and uninterrupted slumber each day.
  5. Antibiotics– Those people who are taking so much antibiotics everyday due to their illnesses, must be aware of the fact that they are putting their immune system to a life-endangering situation. It is solely because your cytokines or the little messengers of your immune system can be significantly decreased. To be much safer, take those medications on time. Most importantly, you must finish the 7-day prescriptive period according to your doctor’s friendly advice.

The immune system of a person weakens if he/she does not even bother to find other means of strengthening this most crucial mechanism of the human body. So, you must have always the time and thws pleasure to analyze these 5 deadly things in our lives. In so doing, our tremendous immunity against illnesses will not be jeopardized in the not so distant future.

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