There is so much to know more about a girl’s ultimate crowning glory. Her long or short hair, denotes something about her awesome personality that is only unique to her above anyone else. Therefore, it is logical to say that it must be well-taken care of. In this respect, expensive to affordable hair treatments are the usual answers to this necessity that can sometimes make or break you as a person. This interesting lifestyle article aims to share with you these 5 homemade hair treatments, that do not even require you to visit your favorite salon just to make your-selves stunningly beautiful without spending a fortune. Are you ready to discover them as much as we do? Well, let us count the ways.

These different types of homemade hair treatments will definitely make your hair healthier, shinier and head turning.

These different types of homemade hair treatments will definitely make your hair healthier, shinier and head turning.


5 Homemade Hair Treatments which are Just Right for You

Before going on any further, you must make sure that you know very well as to what your particular hair type is so that you will be able to make use of the appropriate hair treatments which are lovingly concocted by you in just a matter of minutes. Let us begin to discover these different and personalized hair treatments by heart.

  • For Fine or Limp Hair – This first homemade hair treatment may sound to be so absurd, but your fine and limp hair will surely come back to life if you are going to use some beer on your hair. Yes, you heard it right. A bottle of beer. Do you want to know the major reason why? It is because, this kind of beverage contains some yeasts which take care of your hair’s so-called tired tresses. Here is what you are going to do. First, mix at least 1/2 cup of flat beer. Then, let it stand that way to deplete its carbon component completely. The next step that you should do, is to mix the beer with sunflower oil and a piece of fresh egg. After which, apply it generously to your clean and damp hair and let it be that way for about 15 minutes. Finally, rinse well with cold water.
  • For All Types of Hair – Did you know that a fresh or raw egg can really make your lifeless hair to have the best of both worlds? According to a famous author of Natural Beauty at Home in the person of Janice Cox, an egg yolk is overflowing with fats, moisturizers and oils. Hence, its white part has lots of enzymes that effectively do away with excessive oils in your hair. To this, all you need to do use the whole egg itself. That is, if you have a normal hair type. Meanwhile, if you are blessed with an oily hair use an egg white. For dry and brittle hair, the egg yolk will be the best solution. To use, prepare 1/2 cup of whichever mixture that you want to use. Apply it to your damp and clean hair. However, you can use as many eggs as you want to treat your entire scalp. Leave it that way for exactly 20 minutes. Then, rinse it carefully with cold water. Lastly, shampoo your hair. As far as its frequency of usage is concerned, these types of homemade hair remedies can be repeated once a month or every two weeks. Like for instance, whole eggs and yolks treatments should be done for at least once a month. But, in the case of the white only types of hair treatments it can be used at for least once week.
  • Dull Hair – To treat your dull hair in the most special way, make use of a serving of sour cream or plain yogurt. Just the same, apply to damp or wet hair. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Then, it should be rinsed carefully with warm water first. After a few seconds, make it certain that you will follow it up with cold water. Application wise, do this on an every other week interval.
  • For those hair types with flakes which are mainly due to poor nutrition, an unpredictable climate and all other environmental factors, try these harmonious combinations of lemon juice and olive oil. Primarily, the acidity in the lemon will take care of your itchy and loose skin on your scalp. Speaking of the pivotal role of olive oil in these easy and practical hair treatments, it will moisturize the new skin on your scalp. To begin with, just simply mix at least 2 tablespoons the following: Lemon juice, water and olive oil. Massage onto your scalp gently. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo your hair. Do this on an every other week interval.
  • Molasses-This kind of hair treatment which comes directly from your humble kitchen, is best suited for coarse hair types. According to scientific studies, molasses have the amazing capability to prevent hair oxidation. Consequently, these natural wonders of beauty can perfectly retain the inherent color of your hair. To use, add these directly to your organic hair conditioner. Rinse and then blow dry, just in case you are going out for an evening party.

These 5 best homemade hair treatments will never let you down in terms of efficacy, practicality and affordability. Try to resolve your pestering hair problems through the use of these homemade hair cures and be the next beauty queen in your workplace or school.

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    Thank you for your illustrious information.

  2. rox says:

    Thank you for your fantabulous information.

  3. Jason Chan says:

    Try using Aloe Vera. Natural aloe vera applied directly to your hair and scalp. It’s really effective.

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