Nowadays, natural beauty alternatives are getting more popular without question. Scientifically, these simple skin and body regimens are found to be amazing, fascinating and best of all literally inexpensive. Furthermore, their impressive results are really worth trying despite of their inherent conventionalities. Like for example, these natural and effective facial treatments are strictly hypoallergenic and are not tested on animals. In reality, most chemical-based beauty enhancers are unfortunately tested on animals. As a result, millions of its users might suffer some irreversible consequences as far as health matters are concerned. Now, there are practical beauty essentials of which the author of this article had accidentally stumbled upon while skimming for an interesting and informative write up to pen about. Read on.

Ripe bananas excellently tighten your skin and they remove unwanted blemishes.

Ripe bananas excellently tighten your skin and they remove unwanted blemishes.

5 Best and Natural Treatments for Your Face

The succeeding paragraphs will let you discover some of these natural and effective facial treatments, which will not let you down whenever you need them the most. Here they are in a rundown.

  • Bananas– Bananas are effective types of natural facial treatments, for a softer and blemish-free skin. These are marvelous skin moisturizers that leave your skin blemish-free and elastic. To prepare, mash up a medium-sized banana and then make it smooth and a bit pasty. Afterwards, apply this to your neck and face generously. Let it be that way for 10-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • Milk– Simply, make an all-natural facial mask by using this very nutritious beverage. Use the powdered type, for this particular beauty ritual. Just get at least 1/4 of the said ingredient and put some adequate of water. Mix well to form a thick-textured paste. Let it dry and rinse off with warm water. Effect wise, your skin will become more fresh-looking and rejuvenated.
  • Mustard– Surprisingly, a mustard is not only a delicious food dressing. A small amount of this savory ingredient for sandwiches will excellently stimulate your skin inside and out. But, you have to test it first for any allergic reaction.
  • Lemons– Mix their natural juices with 1/4 cup of olive oil. These fruits are the most affordable exfoliants and moisturizers rolled into one.
  • Fresh Eggs– These natural ingredients are not only used for baking and as breakfast perk ups. Eggs can also be applied as natural and effective facial treatments for both oily and dry skins. Here’s how. For dry skin, beat an egg yolk carefully. On the other hand, for dry skin it is highly recommended by beauty experts to make use of its egg white. Add some lemons or honey if desired.

Our famous beauty secrets need not be too lavish or should we say, branded. They should be effective and less-harmful in the long run. Lastly, these beauty products must be eco-friendly. In essence, these humble and untainted characterizations are all endearingly prepossessed by these natural and effective facial treatments without unnecessary exaggerations or whatsoever. Try any of these and be more radiant and beautiful everyday.

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