The most interesting fact about the worth exploring arena of natural science is that it does not intend to make things more complicated when it comes to the promotion of good health, as well as the remarkable possession of a sound mind and spirit. Moreover, it does not capitalize on a scientific reality that those all-natural substances do not have flaws of their own. Just the same, there are millions of people who are very much eager to try these natural and time-tested medications in alleviating their pains and miseries for good. Therefore, this fantastic website of ours wants to gladly share with you those 5 natural antibiotics which are truly non-prescriptive in nature. Among these are the following: Garlic, the Manuka honey, colloidal silver, oregano and Echinacea. These medicines are critically studied to achieve the most awesome results that this world has ever known. Below, are the 5 non-prescriptive and natural antibiotics that you must try. Having these in your everyday life, will definitely change your health outlook forever.

Manuka Honey is one of the most leading kinds of natural antibiotics ever discovered for so many years.

Manuka Honey is one of the most leading kinds of natural antibiotics ever discovered for so many years.

5 Non-Prescriptive Antibiotics from Mother Nature

These are the most effective and non-prescriptive antibiotics which have been tremendously subjected to various research developments more than anything else.

  • Garlic– Would you believe that this herb and spice was even used in the year 1700’s against a devastating plague? Inherently, a small piece of garlic contains a lot of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. Most importantly, this wonder herb can amazingly facilitate the swift eradication of harmful bacteria. Lastly, this a fantastic booster of our immune system.
  • Oregano Oil– The oil of oregano is one of the best known antibiotics that is responsible for taking care of the human body’s pathogenic bacteria. It is in the same way, an antiviral and antifungal medication all rolled into a single and yet simplified byproduct of Mother Nature.
  • Colloidal Silver– Since the early 1900’s it has been medically known as the deadliest killer of all pathogens inside the human body. In a scientific experiment that was conducted by Alfred Searle, he used this kind of antibiotic to a specific number of individuals. Successfully, the results were too significant and overwhelming. The most remarkable advantage of this natural antibiotic is It can effectively destroy those resistant microbes of MRSA, SARS and even bird flu.
  • Echinacea– A naturally-formulated antibiotic that can kill a wide variety of body infections for more than a hundred years. It was earlier used to treat the following health concerns: Open wounds, diphtheria, blood problems and other related illnesses. Today, it can be used in the treatment of flu and colds. Lastly, it has the domineering capability to kill a kind of bacteria which is medically referred to as staphylococcus aureus. This a kind of harmful bacteria which causes the onset of MRSA.
  • Honey of Manuka– This the most sweet-tasting antibiotic in the history of alternative medicine. When it is topically applied, it can kill thousands of pathogens that include the root cause of MRSA and the dreaded flesh-eating bacteria. Upon treating these types of bacteria, they did not show some signs of resistance or whatsoever. Though it was a sign of its ineffectiveness, the Manuka honey have several other alternative uses to brag about. Some of these are: It is an effective treatment against fatigue, sore throat and hypertension.

Mother Nature has indeed proven much in terms of giving us the best of both worlds. But, millions seemed to get hooked into medical science which is sometimes heartbreaking when pondered about too seriously.

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