Personality development is an overall make up of both the positive and negative traits of an individual that comprise his or whole being, which makes that person more dynamic and well-adjusted at the same time. But, what if there are lots of people who are literally making you a robot each day of your life? Amazingly, the ability to express oneself is the most effective way to cope up with those challenges that come your way. But, what if you are being self-restrained by other people and your environment as well? How would you harmoniously adjust to these kinds of unforgiving situations? Most importantly, what are the different and yet positive signs that you are a helpless victim of self-restraint inside and out? Here are some of the evident indicators that you must critically analyze.

This is the perfect description of being self-restraint.

This is the perfect description of being self-restraint.

How Will You Know if You are Being Self-Restrained?
The following are the positive indicators that we are letting other people to manipulate our lives. Do you feel like

  • You are forgetting about your-self?- This simply conveys the negative context of I cannot take care of my-self, so please take care of me. If you are allowing these unfavorable things to happen, just like you are giving other people to nag and tell you what to do; then, it most likely that you are externally controlled.
  • You want to do some absurd and rebellious things?- Psychologists have said that if a person tends to rebel against a certain authority be it your boss, your parent or spouse, that is a clear indication that you want to be controlled.
  • You do not have the power to say NO?– There is no long and comprehensive explanation to this negative attitude of ours. It is simply like this. The moment you cannot refuse other people in some situations that you should, you are letting them to assert some self-restraining authority over your own life.
  • You are no longer aware of your own emotions or feelings?– Feelings are extremely important because they are integral parts of your decision-making process. Therefore, when you are not able to weigh them in accordance with what you feel regardless of whom are you trying to please and despite of your unwillingness, the most probable consequence would be your ability to decide will be of more leverage to the agenda of the other party.
  • You are afraid of taking the risks?- In your life, never be afraid in making mistakes. These will help you learn and it will make you to become the best of who and what you are.

In summation, to be self-restrained is not actually bad. If you will only learn how to make use of your own volition and analytic thinking, nobody can ever manipulate your God-given life.

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