Since the amazing reckoning of time, there are common and yet dangerous environmental concerns that dubiously put our lives in risky situations, although we do not want want this to happen in the near future. In this regard, let our website informatively impart to our thousands of readers the world over about these 5 uncanny and lethal issues about our environment that we must closely keep a watchful eye on, to be able to dearly preserve our dear Mother Planet from further destruction as well as our beloved families and children. In case you do not have a concrete idea about what are those impending dangers, these environmental debacles are generally characterized as those global impediments which are most likely to cause negative effects on our wildlife as well. Some classic examples of these are: A killer fungus, the sudden and mysterious acidification of oceans and pharmaceutical pollution.

Snail Crab

This cute and adorable sea creature is one of the would be helpless victims of a global environmental plague

The 5 Most Dangerous Environmental Scares of All Time

These 5 alarming environmental dangers that could possibly lead to the drastic and irreparable damage of our one and only planet are randomly identified as:

  1. Chytrid Fungus.- This type of fungus is a deadly type of plague which commonly attacks frogs and other amphibian creatures. In its difficult to pronounce scientific nomenclature it is named as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. Unbelievably, it has already attacked almost 287 amphibians in 36 nations alone. According to experts, it is the one responsible for the unfavorable decline of the said unique populace of amphibians. In fact, it has already spread like wildfire in some parts of North and South America, Europe, Central America and even New Zealand. Among the notable side effects of this dumbfounding epidemic in amphibians are: Skin outbreaks, physiological damages and a lot more. To the very least, it could probably cause at least 100 extinctions as our world is heading towards a big challenge.
  2. Feline Feather Feather Felony– It is quite alarming to know that numerous birds in North America are losing their precious lives each day, because of those deadly cats which are roaming around and helplessly victimizing those poor song birds endlessly. By the way, these cats are commonly referred to as marauding cats. Surprisingly, the most wanted animal menace in global history has already killed an estimated 1.4 billion to as high as 3.4 with in just a span of one year. This was according to a scientific study that has been conducted by Scott Loss of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Previously, the very engrossing aviary population had an approximate demographics of 10 to 20 billion. Somewhere somehow, these menaces must be incarcerated or killed by lethal injection.
  3. The Inevitable Ecological Breakdown and Predator Collapse– Have you ever come to terms with the fact that everything God has created serves the purpose of one another? He is indeed great. You know what? It was significantly found by scientists that wild animals have their very special functions in the ecosystem. Specifically, many of us have wrong notions about wolves. They are wrongly perceived as damaging since time immemorial. But, listen to this. Their so-called top down control can do these three tremendous feats. First, they have the ability to cure some sick animals. Second, they equally distribute the necessary nutrients by ambulating some biomass. More importantly, they have the astonishing capacity to limit the production of their prey. Consequently, these eco-friendly animals have exceptionally limited their impacts on our ecology as a whole. Along the beauteous eco park of Yellowstone National Park the reemergence of wolves has been said to have caused a significant elk decline which in turn paved the way for the restoration of riparian vegetation alongside with their beaver populations. So, with this kind of wolves’ guardianship many birds have finally returned to this marvelous tourist destination for good. On the contrary, if these hardworking groups of wild animals would soon face the darkest hour of extinction, the world’s rain forests would soon become disgustingly denuded through what experts refer to as grazing method. Meanwhile, the loss of sharks on earth would bring about the ecosystem’s most unforgiving state which is called as a mid-level predators proliferate.
  4. Ocean Acidification– Ocean acidification is the dangerous process wherein the harmful element of carbon dioxide due to fossil burning, will go directly to the oceans. Due to this, the inherent pH balance component of our oceans will be increased. In the long run, the formation of shellfish will be severely affected. Accordingly, many sea living creatures are mainly dependent on alkaline calcium carbonate materials for their continuous subsistence through the years. As far as the other effects of ocean acidification is concerned, this will create a cascading effect on marine life.
  5. Pharmaceutical Pollution– This shocking scenario is already within the bounds of scientific modernity when our very own urine is being contaminated with those synthetic traces of our oral medications. Little did we know, that our sewerage systems are constantly beleaguered by human wastes which will slowly pass through the world’s aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, those medicines which have high percentages of estrogen levels are found to be disruptive in the harmonious functioning of our endocrine gland. On the other hand, those animals like frogs have developed an unusual hermaphroditism syndrome among them-selves.

To wrap up, these 5 uncanny and lethal issues in our environment must be swiftly address by experts because Mother Earth is the most incomprehensible treasure that God has ever blessed us with, despite of our inequities and shortcoming due to our worldly desires.

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