The interesting psychology of man, is truly an exciting field of study to deal with. This includes his well-rounded personality make-up and his secret dreams and aspirations that make him even more dynamic and fully functional. However, his unique and wonderful persona is being bothered by those irrational fears that are mostly on his mind. These are sometimes haunting him anytime of the day, no matter how busy he is in his daily undertakings. Psychologically, these are often referred to as phobias. Based on the recorded accounts of history, phobias are developed during an individual’s formative stage of development. Oftentimes, these fearsome situations are being instigated through the development of one’s not so pleasant situations in his or her life. Likewise, these different fears about something all came from different environmental factors such as the environment where you belong, the duration of your previous horrible experiences, influences of the movies or television show that you usually watch and the likes. More so, these invincible and recurring fears are mainly due to an extreme failure to meet something, according to the societal norms of your beloved country. Now, to provide you more with a much better and somehow comprehensive understanding about it here are the 5 worst phobias that you must really know all about.

What do you call your fear of your mother-in-law?

What do you call your fear of your mother-in-law?

In the subsequent paragraphs, are the Top 5 worst phobias that you must read and be aware of so that you will be able to resolve them immediately by seeking the most personalized kinds of healthcare with both medical and psychological interventions in the soonest time possible. Just like the author of this very entertaining write-up, she is in the same way very eager to discover these extraordinary phobias at a glance. These are randomly enumerated below.

Top 5 Worst Phobias that You Must Know About

These Top 5 unusual phobias are mainly based on scientific experiments and not just on mere speculations for the sake of providing some essential information through their brief descriptions are concerned. Among these phobias are:

  1. Agyrophobia– This is simply, one’s fear in crossing a street. In addition to this, it is is a type of fear that in the same way focuses on an individual’s fear in intersecting highways and all other major thoroughfares within his or her vicinity. Etymologically, it comes from the Greek word gyrus, which means turning or whirling. In cases wherein you are experiencing this kind of fear, you no longer want to see those wide roads. Likewise, Agyrophobia pertains to your senseless fear of jaywalking.
  2. Magierocophobia– It is defined as your fer of cooking. This confabulation came from the Greek word, mageirolkos, which means a person that is skilled in cooking. Though it sounds really strange, these are those kinds of people who are afraid of chefs due to some dumbfounding reasons that those skilled cookers are much better than them.
  3. Pediophobia– Pediophobia is your crazy fear of dolls. When it speaks of dolls, it pertains to all types of of these cute toys. As strictly defined by experts, these lovable toys for girls are being represented as ghost beings by a person who has this kind of phobia. Freud, the Father of Psychoanalytic Theory believes that this kind of fear had originated from a contention that they will become real just like robots.
  4. Eisotrophobia– This is also known as fear sas of mirrors. Those who are suffering from this kind of phobia have wrongly conditioned them-selves that they will be able to come in close contact with those unseen spirits. Also, these people have perceived that mirrors are signs of bad omen when broken unconsciously.
  5. Pentheraphobia– Those people who are suffering from this kind of phobia are having fears of their mother-in-law. According to a reliable source, pentheraphobia involves anything that has something to do with your mother-in-law. To eradicate this funny fear, a divorce settlement is highly recommended.

On a personal viewpoint, a person’s phobia is only a matter of mind conditioning that is purely created at thew back of his subconscious mind. in effect, this negative attitude of his manifests a not so harmonious behavior over the years. To resolve, these 5 worst phobias of those helpless individuals must be cured through a series of psychotherapy and counselling sessions to be able to positively realize that they can strongly overcome these disorders in time with the help of their loved ones and closest friends. Always have in mind that you have a powerful God in your life. Therefore, there is nothing to be anxious about.

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