Everything has its unique purpose and use. Nothing is put to waste. When I was still a child, my scientific mind never stopped wondering as to why my grandma was too fascinated with putting those eggshells in our indoor plants. During those days, I thought those were ornaments that will add beauty and more cuteness to her favorite hobby. Little did I know, that these creative uses of eggshells are nourishing those plants of ours in their most unique ways. Now, that I am an online writer I finally realized that she is right. These materials have many astonishing benefits to our unpredictable but ever-gracious environment. Do you want to discover the creative uses of eggshells that we tend to take for granted? The succeeding sections will reveal these benefits without hesitations.

Mother Nature did another fascinating to our green environment.

Mother Nature did another fascinating to our green environment.

What are the 6 Environmental Usages of Eggshells

Here are the 6 awesome advantages of the egg’s external covering, without any fuss. Read and apply.

  1. Add this versatile material to your compost pile.- Although they decompose so quickly, it has many calcium/minerals for your soil and plants as well.
  2. These are the most excellent pest buster in your garden.- To do this, all you have to do is to spread these shells all over your garden. Include your plants and flowers. In effect, this will prevent snails, plant-eating slugs and other garden disasters that will eventually damage everything that you have worked hard for.
  3. Clean your house as white as these shells.- Shake crushed shells of eggs and mix it with soapy water. Afterwards, start cleaning those vases with hard to remove stains. Also, clean your non-abrasive pots and pans with these wonder shells.
  4. Clear your drain forever– Some of these white-colored shells must be placed on your kitchen sink, in order to trap those solid materials that can cause your sink from clogging. As these shells break apart, they will go all the way to the drain.
  5. Use your creativity and imagination to draw some figures on those shells.- Kids will surely love it if you will fill their room with these innovative decors.
  6. An excellent cure for some ailments– If you will closely look at an eggshell, you will notice the super thin membrane. Purposely, it can be used as a temporary remedy for an injured toenail. Furthermore, the said part of an eggshell is commonly used to protect your cuts from getting infected or injured.

These versatile uses of eggshells are the most endearing and practical ways to beautify our homes as if it is a paradise that is worth-seeing forever.

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