Our kidneys are one of the most vital body organs which we should always take care of. These parts of our body are specially designed to do the following: Filter our blood, they effectively absorb the necessary minerals that we need and they produce urine to cleanse the human body from those dangerous toxic wastes that harm our normal physiological functions as time goes by. Medically, it was significantly found out that any person can live a normal life although he or she has only have only 20 percent of their precious kidneys. Ironically, there are undesirable habits that we do to our kidneys.

Too much sugar in our body damages our kidneys.

Too much sugar in our body damages our kidneys.

Usually, the hard to break habit of sugar consumption is included in the 6 deteriorating habits that we cannot do away with no matter what we do. Based on a comprehensive experimental study that was conducted by the Osaka University in Japan have found out that those individuals who gratifyingly consume at least two or more sodas a day have high risks in having renal ailments in the future. Look at this. If your urine has those dangerous proteins, all you have to do is to see your attending physician immediately.

Do you smoke like a chimney? Don’t look now. You are susceptible for a dialysis treatment because you are very much susceptible to kidney ailments. According to a study that was conducted by Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, if you deliberately consume an approximate of 2 to 3 cigarettes a day your kidneys are at risks. More so, Vitamin B-6 deficiency is also one of the 6 deteriorating habits that damage your kidneys. A research study by the University of Maryland has revealed that one’s inadequacy of Vitamin B6 is too dangerous for the optimum functioning of the kidneys.

Our kidneys need adequate rest. Therefore, if you are working on a graveyard shift you need to keep them on guard. Science Daily says that if you have frequent sleep disruptions as well, your excretory system might be in danger. Experts say that our kidney’s tissues are rejuvenating whenever we sleep. Furthermore, if you are not emptying your bladder immediately it will cause your kidneys to develop some pressures. Thus, this is a bad habit for these valuable organs of ours.

Dehydrated kidneys happen when we are not drinking enough water each day. Did you know that we have to drink at least 12 glasses of water to make them healthy? Renal experts say that if we lack the necessary amount of water in our body, toxins will immediately accumulate in our blood.

These detailed 6 deteriorating habits that we do to our kidneys will make us spend millions of pesos or dollars for deliberately committing these health mistakes endlessly.

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