A fruitful social revolution has been made more dynamic and significant with computer innovations. Through these sophisticated gadgets in our midst, we are able to communicate with the world with just a click of a button. We can now send pictures, e-mails and other important documents in a flash. But have we ever realized that our computers can also bring extreme and yet unexpected health hazards that might eventually cost our precious lives? However, moderation is the ultimate key against the prevention of any inevitable circumstance, right? Just the same, this website would like to share with you these 7 deadliest health hazards of computers. Upon reading these shocking revelations at a glance, it made me realize that everything has to be used with utmost care and precaution. Below, are the 7 deadliest health risks of computers that you need to know in a rundown.

Constant and long exposures to computers have several health risks.

Constant and long exposures to computers have several health risks.

7 Lethal Health Risks of Computers

Based on the findings of medical experts, here are only some of the most dangerous side effects of your frequent exposures to your most intelligent buddy at home. Take a look at them and figure out if you already have these signs and symptoms that you must be totally aware of.

  1. Sleeping problems such as insomnia and sudden nap disruptions– Did you know that your computer’s electronic glow has an adverse side effect on your body rhythm and can even impede the natural release of a sleep inducing substance in your body? Melatonin’s discharge from the brain is greatly affected if you spend unlimited hours in front of your computer.
  2. The accumulation of unseen toxic dust.- Some computer monitors emit toxic dust that can can cause harm to your neurological and reproductive tissues. To be safe enough, ask your friendly computer dealers about this essential requisite. If the hardware or peripherals of your gadget contain these toxic elements like lead and mercury.
  3. Continuous and long exposure to a computer can affect a man’s virility.- If husband is using a laptop on his lap, there is something that he should know about. Doing this habit for a long time can increase the temperature inside his scrotum because of the heat that is being emitted by the gadget. This was according to a research study that was conducted by experts, and was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Scientifically, it was found out that if a human’s scrotum is exposed to a much higher temperature, it can severely affect the production of his sperm.
  4. Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome.- Constant use of computers can bring about visual problems in the long run. Among these symptoms are headaches, fatigues, tired burning eyes and worst of all, a blurred vision. Now, to keep your eyes always protected make it a habit to have a 20-minute break. Look away from the computer screen and divert your attention to something to make your eyes rest.
  5. Do away with your computer addiction.- If you are not the type of person who uses the computer wisely, just like those business executives and yet you are inside a computer shop all day without fail then you are already considered a computer addict. Seek a professional help as soon as possible.
  6. Headaches– It is very seldom that computer users experience headaches during and after its use. However, if you are feeling the opposite these things might be due to these factors: Poor posture, eyestrain and all other triggering factors that you are not aware of.
  7. Deep Vein Thrombolsis– This is an ailment that is characterized by the slow flow of blood in a computer user’s vein due to his or sitting position for a long period of time. Eventually, it will cause blood clot formations. Medically, these clots break off and enter the bloodstream so suddenly. Consequently, it can cause a severe effect in your lungs. To do away with this kind of medical problem, try to walk around and forget about your computer for just a few minutes.

These 7 deadliest health hazards of computers should be taken seriously by both the manufacturers them-selves and users like us, to ensure that no one will get compromised despite of these continuously evolving innovations in this fast-changing world.

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