7 Million Americans Suffer from Lower Extremities Discomforts

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Times have indeed changed. It is a common knowledge that both middle and old-aged people are suffering from the inevitable lower extremities discomforts. But now, the world of modern science has a different story to share across the globe. A new research study has alarmingly revealed that almost 7 million Americans are painfully dealing with several discomforts of the lower extremities. Therefore, a greater number of Americans (2 of 100) have artificial joints. This was the overwhelming conclusion of most medical practitioners. Most likely, those people who are 50 years old and above are not really enjoying their lives to the fullest because of these joint-related discomforts. According to Dr. Daniel J. Berry, they are remarkable numbers.

Incidentally, he is the current chair of Mayo Clinic’s orthopedic surgery. Dr. Berry has led the study with regards to the prevalence of those major replacements in a human body. In fact, there are some members of the senior citizen population who are using a wide variety of databases which fall under the federal classification, just to seek for an immediate and affordable medical surgery. Furthermore, based on verified reports there are about 600,000 knee replacements as well as 400,000 hip surgeries that were all successfully done in the United States yearly. Generally, the main causative factor of these much needed operations is arthritis. This was according to Dr. Joshua Jacobs, orthopedics surgery chief at Rush University Medical Center and president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Chicago.

Lower Extremities Discomfort

Conclusively, there is nothing wrong with these lower extremities medical procedures for as long as there would be no side effects as years come and go. But of course, in order to prevent these lower extremities discomforts we should undergo monthly bone density checkups to be sure that they are still well-lubricated so that we are always on the go, just like a car with so much gasoline.

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