Kids are getting smarter and each day. There is so much in them that keeps me wondering why their cognitive development is totally impressive unlike first generation kids. To be specific enough, today’s kids are more techie as compared to those children whose intellects categorically belong to the average type. In the evolving realms of technological innovations, a 7-year old girl has remarkably invented the so-called quality time app which primarily allows children to spend the most fulfilling bonding moments with family members no matter wherever they are.

The innovative and sophisticated Mini Hug, is a quality time app that lets both children and parents bond together.

The innovative and sophisticated Mini Hug, is a quality time app that lets both children and parents bond together.

This marvelous invention which is simply known as the Mini Hug, helps parents to keep track of the quality time that they have supposedly spent with their children. Lisa Mace, who is the beautiful daughter of the equally-brilliant Erwin Mace, CEO of a mobile apps development firm which is located in Singapore has proudly invented the gadget with the help of her father within a period of six months. According to her proud dad,

My daughter first came up with the idea about a year and a half ago, when she was six. She came up to me and said, I have an idea for an app you could make. I was stunned! recalls Mace. Her idea was to make an app to help other kids – starting with her own friends – and their parents spend time together and give each other lots of hugs just like we do at home. I do that a lot as I work from home.

Simply, the concept of a quality time app is this. It will accurately monitor the number of hours as well as the kinds of activities that both parents and their children have enjoyingly engaged in. Now, based on the time frame and the quality of engagements users will in turn earn some reward points. As the day caps itself, their Mini Hug points will be tracked down on a weekly, monthly or daily basis which allows parents to take a look at their progress for a certain period of time.

Likewise, this very practical device can also function as a competitive gadget so that families will be able to bond more with one another because of its highest scorer capability. You see, the more time you bond with your children the higher your points would become. Similarly, the Mini Hug application provides users the opportunity to take pictures of those most cherished activities with your family members. Approximately, this sophisticated gadget can almost track down almost 30 different activities all at the same time.

In summation, the outrageous Mini Hug quality time app is very advantageous to those parents who are always busy at work; thus, finding it too difficult to balance their respective jobs and family life. On the other hand, your personal connection to your child should have limitless hours and seconds every single day because it will help them a lot in boosting their self-esteem to face this challenging world without fears.

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