This very interesting and yet engaging article that you are about to read is the most frantic and anxious scenario of a promising career path, that you have ever dreamed of. Luckily, the author of this article has a different story to tell when it comes to her bread and butter for almost six years now. In her case, she is an online writer who pens articles for this website. Most, importantly, she has the most understanding boss on face the of the earth. As far as her company woes were concerned, she had unfortunately worked with a cranky and perfectionist superior which made her presume that to work for other people is a curse in some ways. This was actually a big nonsense when it comes to the not so good challenges of other people who have eccentric bosses to deal with everyday of their lives. Apart from these, there are 9 darkest company secrets that your superiors are trying to keep from you for some obvious reasons. What are those things? Let us intriguingly unravel them one by one.

Some company bosses are pretentious and not straightforward as they should be.

Some company bosses are pretentious and not straightforward as they should be.

9 Dark Secrets that Company Superiors Keep

These real life scenarios inside your workplace somewhere, somehow severely affect everyone in terms of the following areas of concern: Productivity, efficiency, camaraderie and the overall image of the entire firm inside and out. Along this line, it is not quite fair and understable why some of our superiors are not as transparent as a plastic sheet. Anyway, here are the 9 dubious company secrets that you ought to know.

  1. The company is in bad shape.- Most company honchos refuse to admit that their firm is in a financial agony. Now, if the problem is too difficult to address their poor employees are the last to know.
  2. I am busy about myself, not you at all.– This the most painful secret of all. Your boss is not concerned about what you need. What matters to these greedy bosses are the company revenues at your expense.
  3. You are not a good dresser.- Personality is one of the most essential facets for an employee to be hired. Once you get the job, you are no longer concerned of how you look. Therefore, you have to give this second hint some attention for further improvements because your boss is a keen observer.
  4. You are too keen.- Those unrealistic bosses will not frankly tell you about the way that you perform or act during office hours. So, it is a MUST that you should re-assess your-self on a monthly basis.
  5. Your career move is none of my business.- We seldom find an ideal boss who cares a lot for you. Most of then tend to motivate them-selves rather than their employees.
  6. No superior will ever have the guts to tell you that you are a liability, rather than an asset.– If this is going be the case, you might as well improve your work performance or find another job as early as possible.
  7. You earnestly deserve a salary increase.- Though others might perceive this as too presumptuous, experts do advise that if you do think that you are a team player of the firm’s success do not hesitate to lovingly ask your boss for a much needed wage increase very soon.
  8. Keep your feet on the ground.- An employee who is an inherent leader alongside with an awesome intellect, should remain humble all times. Your boss will not dare to tell you that you have a big and swollen head.
  9. Resign as soon as possible– Company superiors do not demand for your irrevocable resignation, unless you are going to file it because of valid reasons. So, all you have to do is to perform well, do your best, do not complain, develop your self-awareness and confidence insofar as handling your assigned tasks everyday.

Company secrets can make or break a firm. These things might have always been taken for granted, but these ironic revelations can make you the best of what you are despite of their irrational significance.

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