Bowling is an exciting sport. It is a sport for the young and agile individual. This is now a belief that has been proven to be so untrue, if you will read the story of a man aged 83 and still managed to become a perfect bowler. Here’s good and interesting story to share with all of you.It’s time to know how Mr. Bochese did this amazing feat and maybe, we can do the same thing. What do you think?

A perfect bowler at 83, is more than just a gift from God.

A perfect bowler at 83, is more than just a gift from God.

Flashback…Pete Bochese’s love for bowling has been developed when he was just 10 years old. He discovered his love for this sport when he started setting pins in Apollo Pennsylvania, USA. It was not an unusual sight at that time when you saw some young boys like him who stood at the back of an alley and reset bowling pins. Pete, at a very tender age had slowly developed love for the game since one of the perks of a pin-setter was a free bowling game when nobody played in the alley.

More so, his endless love affair with the sport continued all throughout his growing up years. Even up to this day, he can still be found at the bowling lanes once a week specially during Monday night. He is a regular bowler at the Williamantic Winnelson Bowling League in Norwich. To brag about some of his bowling achievements, he was a two-time Connecticut senior bowling champion. He won the title in 2002 and 2009 respectively. On the other hand, never it had crossed his mind that he was going to bowl a 300- game bone Monday night. All he did was play. During that night, he played an awful first game.

Sensing that he will play poorly that night, he decided to change his ball for his second game. He thought he would go back to his first ball for his third game, but he finished a three-strike note and decided to stick with it. Mixed emotions… surprised, amazed and thrilled he kept on getting a strike one after the other. Then, came his fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth frames. Astonishingly, they were all perfect. His game seemed to follow a flawless routine after each throw. According to him, he just turned, dried his hands and waited for the ball to come back. Then, he picked up the ball and sent another good ball down the lane.

When his final game was getting nearer, he noticed that the crowd at his back is beginning to grow. On his remaining three balls, he noticed that he was the only person playing at the bowling alley. Everyone was all eyes on him and these thrilled spectators watched him specially when he attempted to set a record in becoming the he Oldest Man in Southeast Connecticut Bowling Association to reach an unmatched kind of perfection.

Upon seeing the huge crowd, Mr Bochese said that his hands became a little sweaty. He knew that as soon as he threw a ball, it will head inside the pocket and then everybody would start to shout. When his son came to fetch him, everybody rushed to him and started shaking his hands. Jeff Bochese, the son felt more nervous when his father started bowling.  He believed that his father is the oldest person in Connecticut to bowl a perfect game. Mr. Pete Bochese was not far from being the oldest perfect bowler in America. The oldest one was recorded at 300 according to Jeff, Remarkably, it was done by an 89-year old man.

Would you like to become a perfect bowler like Mr. Bochese? After all, bowling is a physical exercise that helps you burn calories and works with your muscle groups that are not frequently used in a usual exercise. Thus, it is a psychosocial benefit that strengthens friendship and thereby, creating new ones can also be enjoyed. So what are you waiting for? Play bowling now. You might set another world record in the future. who knows?

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