Old age is closely associated with dementia. It is characterized as a slow decline in mental capacities, which is too severe and it gravely affects the daily activities of persons with dementia. Likewise, this is not a specific disease. Instead, this is actually an illness with varied symptoms which you should be aware of most of the time.

Hogeweyk Village is a newly-found place for people with dementia.

Hogeweyk Village is a newly-found place for people with dementia.

As far as its kinds are concerned, Alzheimer’s disease is one of them which is approximately 60 to 80 percent of its documented cases the world over. There’s also what medical experts call as vascular dementia, which usually occurs after a second stroke. Going back, people with dementia might have strange difficulties in keeping up with their short-term memory. Like for instance, when they have dementia attacks they can no longer when and where to pay their bills, where did they have placed their wallets and all other related activities. But regardless of these inevitable obstacles and challenges, there’s a newly-found village for people with dementia. Location wise, this is just a few kilometers away from Amsterdam in Holland. Uniquely, it caters 150 patients with dementia. In the said fully-equipped institution, everyone is encouraged to live a normal and happy life in a well-secured environment. They can do lots of creative and worth doing activities. As such, this is totally a different kind of a learning environment for those who are suffering from this type of a degenerative disease.

Best of all, each resident has the free will to select his or her own accommodation while the person is being carefully assisted by two or three trainors. At Hogeeweyk, there is a spacious supermarket, a barbershop and other similar facilities with utmost convenience. Residents are encouraged to do some shopping sprees and go for a walk and mingle with other people with respect and dignity. This village was co-founded by Yvonne van Amerongen way back in 1992. Alongside with the other dedicated carers they had planned for the best possible remedies with those who are severely affected with dementia. As expected, it was really a huge success and extremely gratifying as well. Today, its residents are much calmer and happier unlike before in the outside world where everything is so complicated. They eat in moderation and their medications are lessened. Everyday, the occupants can shop for whatever they need. To make them at ease, the shops were renovated by adopting the 1960’s setting. As for the monthly fee for the Hogeweyk Village, every occupant has to pay for the amount of $5000. This covers for their free food, salon expenses and a lot more.

Afterwards, they all have to go back to their own apartment and prepare their food under the strict supervision of trained carers 24/7. Music seems to be the favorite recreational activity in Hogeweyk Village and there are sing alongs and music practice, together with theatres and other club activities. It is a fact that many people who suffer mental decline lose the power of speech but they still manage to sing and appreciate music. When emergencies arise, social workers are on top of the situation. In treating people with dementia, a few pointers should always be kept in mind. First, dementia attacks will be greatly decreased if they remain to be physically active. Likewise, patients should never be kept in their rooms. Encourage them to mingle with other people. Last not but the least prescribed medications must be properly combined with normal activities. Dementia is treatable. Love, care and understanding are the ultimate keys to help them conquer it with optimism.


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