Biopics are incredible and interesting chronicles of famous people, be it in Hollywood or politics. Commonly, these are inspiring tales about a simple and ambitious person who had suddenly rose to fame with his or her own sweat and blood. But there is one particular biography picture which tells more of the shortcomings of a beautiful and stunning celebrity according to her detractors. She goes by the name of Aaliyah.

Specifically, the Aaliyah biopic, is bring described as something that should not exist in the first place.To slowly unravel the real score behind this very intriguing statement, this objective movie-television craft will unlock the singer’s dark secrets without prejudices or whatsoever. After all, it is not prim to judge her enigmatic persona because none of us is perfect, right? The subsequent paragraphs of this extremely revealing article will do much of the talking for you to understand her much better in a different light. In the prelude of this movie cum television biopic of Aaliyah she was humbly reflected as a woman who has been trying to reinvent her-self after she was deliberately forbidden to see R. Kelly, a top notch songwriter and album producer as well. Consequently, she was compelled to annul their concealed and void marriage. Based on her true-to-life story, the ceremony was solemnized at Chicagoland Sheraton when Aaliyah was only 15 and Kelly was 12 years older than her. For her, it was one of the most heartbreaking chapter of her once happy and active life. She painfully lost her first love after so many years. Since then, they never got the rare chance to see each other again.

Award-winning singer Aaliyah had many bitter tears which made her the best way the she is.

Award-winning singer Aaliyah had many bitter tears which made her the best way the she is.

Nevertheless, fate and destiny have its own way of making R. Kelly worth remembering for a lifetime. Surprisingly, the multi-awarded composer was the genius mind Aaliyah’s debut single, Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. On the part of Kelly, Aaliyah did not only lose a lover. Most importantly, she regretfully lost a dynamic and strategic mentor who had done so much for her in becoming a phenomenal R&B Superstar in just a short span of time. But for her beloved mother it will not be the end of the world for her if she had lost in the game of love and her long and winding career. She is an architect by profession. When she was about to do her sophomore album, she did with it Timbaland and Missy Elliott. As expected, it became a hit but not as reverberating as the creations of her one and only R. Kelly.

Going back, the Aaliyah biopic should have focused on the Aaliyah’s rebuilding phase to make it more appealing and nostalgic at the same time. In the said bio presentation, let us not dare to forget that she was a powerful performer with an amazing vocal range. Although she died at a tender age of 22 due to a plane crash, the tear jerking Aaliyah biopic had done a magnificent cinematic touch on her short but fulfilling career as a singer rather than her tragic demise. Prior to the making of this timeless masterpiece her family had strongly objected to this brilliant idea for some unknown reason. Overall, the beautiful and impressive Aaliyah biopic is a must see film no matter how controversial it is.

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  1. Jacob Israel says:

    Reviewer’s rating: 9.5/10

    When reports began surfacing of an Aaliyah biopic, detailing the personal and professional exploits of the angelic songstress, almost unanimously, the film was derided as an attempt to capitalize on the recent flurry of Hollywood’s music biopics. Biggie, after all, was portrayed with some degree of accuracy in Notorious, and in the same year, Mos Def and company skillfully enamored us all in Cadillac Records. Initial consternation over the Aaliyah biopic stemmed from Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and her family’s lack of involvement in the planning stages. Imagine, therefore, how relieved this reviewer is to be able to honestly say Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B is a tour de force that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

    The movie begins with Aaliyah, an aspiring singer and high schooler, eager to showcase her talents to the world. In steps her uncle, with various contacts in the music industry, who lands her a role on R. Kelly’s album performing background vocals. Her relationship with the famed singer — deemed by many to be in Kelz’ bad taste, and portentously pathological — comprises what some critics opine an unfair brunt of the movie’s rising actions, but, nonetheless, pieces together vital segments of the songstress’ early career.

    Director, Bradley Walsh, does a great job in The Princess of R&B casting actors and actresses who echo and embody the spirit of ’90s R&B bombast, charisma, and flamboyance. Alexandra Shipp’s balanced portrayal of Aaliyah is wrought with emotion and poise. Her older brother is played by some dude (A.J. Saudin) that looks like Drake, who, coincidentally, has a well-documented fondness for Aaliyah’s discography. Saudin delivers a towering performance as the singer’s concerned sibling, and eventually calls foul on R. Kelly’s intentions with the 15-year-old girl, at which point her parents intervene.

    The movie is full of moments that make you smile. Aaliyah, known for her heavenly soft vocals and b-boy/b-girl dance moves, is, perhaps, portrayed best when Shipp twists and gyrates on a late night talk show set with her background dancers — this, almost a signature move of her creation, still imitated in today’s music industry. It is also worth noting that Shipp performs the vocals throughout the film, doing a fine job bringing the singer’s unique falsetto tone justice.

    Her life came to a premature end, but Aaliyah: The R&B Princess will both charm her fan base and educate those unfamiliar with the young talent. Indeed, Aaliyah’s life story is one of normalcy to stardom overnight. She lived, and breathed songs of life into a music industry over saturated with Mary J. Blige clones that would eventually change the landscape of the entire genre. Cheers.

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