Abunda: No Political Ambitions in 2016

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The articulate and eloquent TV host Boy Abunda has once and for all clarified that he is not interested in any elective position in 2016. Abunda says that if there are thoughts concerning is entry into the dirty world of politics, he might as well prepare as early as now. Thus, it would take him several years if he is indeed joining the political bandwagon in the Philippines. Further, he said there are many different ways to serve his beloved country.

Speaking of the said powerful and dynamic ad which is earnestly prodding him to run is an excellent job. But, as of now politics is not his cup of tea. Besides his numerous showbiz commitments, he is too preoccupied with his doctoral degree in social development at Philippine Women’s University. In fact, he aims to defend his dissertation paper this coming September. Above anything else in his life right now is his mother who is allegedly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease due to her old age.

Boy Abunda on Politics

Admira bly, Boy Abunda is so brave enough to say that there are lots of noble ways to serve his own native land without reservations. In lieu of this, the honesty and sincerity of Abunda can never be questioned. These endearing qualities of his should be emulated by the young breed of politicians today so as to make the Philippines to achieve the highest peak of popularity and fame. On a personal note, Boy never meant to call it quits Simply because, politics might knock on his door in the coming years. Overall, he can be aptly described as a dutiful and obedient son who knows how to take care of him-self whenever the need arises in the long run.

Given the once and a lifetime chance to serve his people and country makes Abunda to realize even more that public service is a serious vocation that must be ruled by intellectual brilliance and not by money alone. In the not so distant future, Abunda should try the dirty game of politics to make him aware that serving his country and people, need not be compromised.

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