The mysterious murder of a Filipina actress’ mom is the most painful and yet unbearable agony of daughter considering the fact that they were not together when the tragic incident happened. Veteran dramatic actress Cherry Pie Picache was brutally killed inside her home in Quezon City, Philippines last September 19, 2014. Based on media reports of a local radio station DZMM, Picache’s friend in the person of Peter Serrano was the one who faced the media because the actress was still in a state of shock due to the unexpected death of Mrs. Zenaida Sison, her 75-year old mother. The discovery of her death has led from one thing to another when Picache called her mom several times but the old woman never answered the phone. Therefore, Cherry Pie immediately went to the house and there, she found her dead in cold blood.

Award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache's mom was murdered inside her house in Quezon City.

Award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache’s mom was murdered inside her house in Quezon City.

When Cherry Pie was already at the scene of crime, she asked her driver to jump off the gate to check what had really happened to her doting mom. From there, they had found out that Sison had died due to stab wounds. Meanwhile, there are five people inside the premises of Sison’s residence. There were three lady cleaners who worked for her mom in shifts and two gardeners who have allegedly direct access to the house itself. As of this writing, police authorities are already investigating on the matter. Thus, an autopsy would be conducted anytime today.

Cherry Pie Picache is a notable model of various product endorsements such as Camay and Eskinol respectively. She studied at Saint Mary’s College during her early rendezvous with education. Moreover, she also studied at De La Salle University and Centro Escolar where she took up a course in Pre-Dentistry. As an actress, she was first seen on television in the phenomenal soap opera, Ikaw Na Sana.

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