Julia Barretto looked elegant and very beautiful as she celebrates her 18th birthday yesterday at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel Ballroom, wearing a red Michael Cinco gown. However, many fans are wondering what is her birthday theme? Looking at the pictures I can say it’s more of a carnival theme. The stage set up is a carousel, there’s a horse and of course her rotating carousel cake. And there’s an image courtesy of Instagram saying “Life is a carousel”, and it’s true! We all know that Julia Barretto is a part of a famous family, the Barrettos, known for their complicated family issues. And Julia Barretto Grand Debut is saying that, Life is a carousel. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. But life goes on and on.

People are not only looking forward to Julia Barretto’s 18th birthday, their eyes are also set if her debut will help mend the family’s misunderstandings. Among those who attended were Julia’s father, Dennis Padilla, who has been estranged from her mother, Marjorie Barretto, her mother’s parents, Miguel and Inday, who publicly castigated Marjorie in 2013, and her aunt Claudine, with whom the grandparents sided at the height of the feud among the Barretto siblings.

Julia Barretto Debut

Julia Barretto looking very beautiful in her red Michael Cinco gown.

Meanwhile, Gretchen Barretto, another aunt of Julia, earlier said she would not be able to attend the party as she will be celebrating her 46th birthday in London with her daughter Dominique. La Greta has been disowned by her mother, Inday after she claimed that Claudine is mentally ill and has a history of drug abuse. These allegations were also supported by Marjorie and another Barretto sibling JJ.

Also, there are rumors circulating that Gretchen is now have a rift with Marjorie, and has refused to talk about Julia’s debut.

Aside from the Barretto personalities, several other big-name stars attended the highly anticipated, Julia Barretto Grand Debut. Check out Julia Barretto Grand Debut “Just Julia”, which will air in full on March 29 on ABS-CBN’s “Sunday’s Best”. For the meantime, see below Julia Barretto’s Debut photos.

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