Toni Gonzaga Hosting Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Draws Mixed Reaction

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Actress/Host Toni Gonzaga hosted the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 pageant held Sunday at the Araneta Coliseum with actor Xian Lim. Gonzaga surprised the audience and the home viewers as she throws some quips during the Q&A portion. Many Filipinos took to social media to express their views. Others considered her hosting style as something “new” as she lightened the nervous atmosphere, others, however, think that her remarks were “inappropriate”. Read below some excerpts why actress Toni Gonzaga Hosting Bb. Pilipinas 2015 draws mixed reaction.

Toni Gonzaga

Actress/Host Toni Gonzaga with actor Xian Lim during the Bb. Pilipinas 2015.

Toni Gonzaga’s different approach as host of the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 coronation night, express different views to people. Not only from her surprising remarks, her blue Michael Cinco gown also caught everyone’s attention. True, that the gown looks good on her and it fit for the occasion, but the night is for the 34 candidates so, she should let them shine, nevertheless, her second gown is more appropriate for the event. Below are some of the excerpts.

Binibini #14 – Princess Joy Camu
Xian: Hello Princess, how are you feeling?
Princess Joy Camu: I’m am happy and excited that I got to the top 15
Toni: Oh just like Kimberly (another candidate) , excited and happy.
Princess Joy Camu : It is my very first pageant.
Toni: Are you looking forward to the second time?
Princess Joy Camu : No
Toni: Oh why? MJ Lastimosa joined many times..let’s not forget. We will see, you have to answer very well.
Our judge is. Oh my love. Vice Ganda

Binibini #28– Hannah Ruth Sison,wearing chandelier earrings:
Xian: Hello Hanna, welcome back
Toni: Wow, your earrings, has its own theme song. (Singing) I’m gonna swing from the chandelier and hold contestant’s earrings

Binibini #25 – Rogelie Catacutan
Toni: I love your last name Rogelie Catacutan . But red might be your lucky color for tonight. Let’s see who you’re judge is. Oh Mr. Frederick Go, go.. go

Binibini #10 – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Toni: Pia seems to be a crowd favorite tonight, would you like to say hi to your supporters?
Pia: Hello. I’m really overwhelmed right now. I didn’t expect this at all.
Toni: Why, what did you expect?

Binibini #34 – Teresita Marquez
Xian: How are you feeling ? ( To Teresita “Wynwyn” Marquez)
Wynwyn : I am excited and happy
Toni: They are all excited and happy. The feeling is mutual for all of them

After Wynwyn has answered her question,

Toni: Very good answer.. impressive. Thank you very much. That question actually matches her name .. sabi ni general if you were to win.. her name is Wynwyn..coincidence

Binibini #11 – Janicel Lubina
Xian: Hi Janicel
Janicel: Good evening everyone
Toni: I love your hair. It’s so…. long

Binibini #23 – Justine Felizarta
Xian: Hello Binibini 23. Uy medyo magkahawig kayo Toni ha
Toni: Hindi nga? Talaga ba? Let me check first..(checks Justine’s jawline). Oh.. konti lang, mas na-extended yung akin

Binibini #19 – Christi McGarry
Toni: Wearing a beautiful red gown tonight. Ah you’re so tall.. grabe

Meanwhile, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2000 Nina Ricci Alagao point out the pageant’s host appalling conduct/remarks. Though she didn’t name Toni Gonzaga, she said in her post :

I admired how KC Concepcion handled not-so-satisfactory answers a few years ago, and managed to make Filipinas look good in the eyes of the judges, specially the foreign ones, despite those Q&A blunders. This time I sensed overconfidence almost to the point of arrogance. And the way she prodded some of the judges to proceed with the Q&A was as if she was at par with these well-respected people in terms of age and experience.”

I agree with Nina at some point. Binibining Pilipinas was the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines. It required class and tact. You can also be funny without losing your class. Toni Gonzaga’s inappropriate remarks did not help the candidates to ease the tension. KC Concepcion’s comments from when she was the host eased the tension from the candidates by encouraging them. I admire Toni Gonzaga’s hosting ability, however, she may have gone overboard with the event.

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  1. admin says:

    This is one of her epic fail that she’ll never forget. I’m sure she’ll get better next time.

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