Adam Levine Sugar Bomb Attacks by Fan

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Adam Levine gets bombed with powdered sugar as he greets his fans outside the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” studio in Hollywood on Wednesday. The powdered sugar was thrown at his face, leaving half of it almost completely white and covering his clothes. According to the report, the attacker was arrested for battery by police.

Adam Levine Sugar Bomb Incident

Adam Levine singing ‘Sugar’ before the sugar bomb attack.

The Adam Levine Sugar Bomb incident happened when the 36-year-old was signing autographs and talking to fans when he was unexpectedly bombarded with a bag full of powdered sugar to half of his face and body. He sings about sugar for the live concert, but he did not expect to be all over him when he was entering the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

The Maroon 5 frontman later cleaned off for the taping and did not even mentioned the incident during his conversation with the late night talk show host. It is unclear why the singer was attacked or if it was a prank by Kimmel, who’s known to do them.

You can tell that the “The Voice” coach was extremely surprised about the sugar bomb incident. No one would blame him if he never engaged with fans again. Just in case you don’t like his music, he certainly do not deserve the attack.

Meanwhile, the sugar bomb suspect has not yet been publicly identified. However, the report says, that he is the same individual, who is accused of throwing a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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