Psychological addictions bitterly ruin the lives of the rich and famous without their knowing. Millions of have been stashed away from their hard earned fortune, just to satisfy their irrational cravings without end. However, for those rich and famous who already wanted to rectify their negative attitudes for a fresh start there is what they call as an “addiction asylum”. The Cliffside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center is a posh residential property in California, which looks like a posh beach resort from its facade. Inside this very expensive treatment clinic, it features some high-quality fixtures like the hefty Ralph Lauren furniture and flat-screen television sets that are superbly innovative inside and out. Apart from these amenities, this fascinating addiction asylum for the rich and famous has the most brilliant and skilled therapists who passionately love their profession in helping these feeble people from getting rid of their addiction for good.

The Cliffside Addiction Asylum of the rich and famous is being owned and operated by Richard Taite, who was a former chain smoker. He had a way of life that can be described as extremely hopeless at one point. During his lifetime, all he did was to smoke butt after butt without having enough sleep. If he gets hungry, he will only consume a piece of his favorite burger to keep him alive. But, God made a remarkable way to make his existence more fulfilling and meaningful. He is now the CEO of Cliffside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center, with a noble and Godly mission to accomplish.

This luxurious addiction asylum California, is proudly owned by a former chain smoker, who decided to call it quits after so many years.

This luxurious addiction asylum California, is proudly owned by a former chain smoker, who decided to call it quits after so many years.

As far as the treatment approaches of the Cliffside Malibu Addiction Treatment are concerned, these methodologies merely focus on the selfless assistance that is being effectively provided for its rich and famous clients in getting to the core of their devilish addictions. Interestingly, the huge payment for any addiction dilemma depends upon the length of the patient’s stay which could lasts from 30 to 120 days. Medically, the most modern theory of “behavior change” which was theorized and developed by Dr. James Prochaska was said to be its primal concept in treating any kind of addiction.

Ultimately, this high-end addiction asylum of the rich and famous is a magnificent epitome of what a real home and family feels like in order to curb the addiction which once made the lives of these jetsetting celebrities worthless and melancholic despite of their glaring popularity.

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