Somewhere, somehow, the unperturbed flare and magnanimity of the Minnesota Vikings has been affected after one of its most sought after player got involved in a child abuse case. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings’ running back has recently acceded to a plea bargaining agreement which would result to the reduction of his offense to a single case of reckless assault. Actually, the said misdemeanor has a penalty amounting to $4,000 and the rendering of a community service, when he is about to commence his sentence in due time. Adrian Peterson appeared in court in Conroe Tex.

Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson enters a plea agreement over a child abuse case.

Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson enters a plea agreement over a child abuse case.

During the arraignment itself, he did not even bother to question the reduced charge before the honorable Judge Kelly W. Case. During the course of the said legal process, he was with his legal counsel who goes by the name of Attorney Rusty Hardin. After everything has been successfully done, the sensational hearing was immediately adjourned after a few minutes. Going back, the grave offense of Peterson had unexpectedly emanated from a disciplinary action that he had imposed on his son who happens to be about four years of age. He allegedly used a switch to do such kind of a punishable act. Apart from this, he was also charged of a negligent injury to the child which is solely equivalent to one count. However, it did not mention anything about the child’s involvement. Meanwhile, Peterson’s trial concerning the initial court charge is scheduled on December 1, 2014.

In lieu of his pending case, Adrian Peterson’s playing stint with the Minnesota Vikings has remained to be undisclosed as of this writing. Hence, the National Football League has yet to decide in the coming days as to whether or not if any sanction would be imposed as well on the ace football player. Incidentally, he had already missed a total of eight crucial games with pay even if he remained to be in a roster of the so-called exempted list. However, he was still cordially invited to play his favorite sport after his indictment on September 11. But, this was immediately reversed following a public outrage. Accordingly, there were some verified reports that he is still very much welcome to his team most specially to his well- loved teammates.

To strongly, defend the disciplinary action which had been sternly imposed on his four-year old kid, Kyle Rudolph has said.

We all know the kind of person he is. We’ve stood behind him this whole time. You’d be crazy not to welcome him back into that locker room. It would be a big pickup for this locker room being we have so many young guys. Any time you can have a veteran back in that locker room, the leader that he is in the locker room, out on the practice field, would be huge for us.

Fate and destiny are the sole judges of Adrian Peterson. Someday, he will be back on his feet once again to proudly tell the whole world that he did the right thing for the good and welfare of his son.

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