Football ace player and field sensation Adrian Peterson has been sanctioned by his most sought after team, the Minnesota Vikings for its last few games. The suspension was in accordance to the so-called personal conduct policy. Likewise, it was in consonance with Adrian Peterson’s no contest plea last November in one of the most prominent courts in Texas. His pending case before the said august body has been legally classified as reckless assault.

Minnesota Vikings ace player Adrian Peterson faces a penalty of temporary suspension.

Minnesota Vikings ace player Adrian Peterson faces a penalty of temporary suspension.

According to news reports, his four-year old son has allegedly suffered some injuries when he used a tree branch in disciplining the toddler. Prior to his suspension, he had already missed their last nine games with remuneration. During the entire legal battle, he is currently placed on NFL’S Exempt Commissioner Permission List. As far as this is concerned, there was a new ruling which has been issued by a neutral arbiter in the person of Shayam Das. Accordingly, Peterson will be kept on the said list until everything has been finally put into place. On the other hand, the beleaguered football player is set to appeal the decision under the same personal conduct policy.

In lieu of this, the NFLPA is strongly advocating for the player’s personal interest under the provisions of the said conduct of policy. In other developments, the NFLPA as a whole requires a third party arbitrator to hear his case in all fairness and objectivity. From their vantage point, it would be the best legal remedy; rather than it will be presided by Roger Goodell alone. Insofar as Goodell is concerned, his critics had once said that there was time in his career wherein he unconsciously committed some flaws in the equally-controversial Ray Rice’s case. Based on documented accounts, Rice was punished twice for a particular offense. On the part of Goodell, he was man enough to admit that he did commit an honest mistake in deciding the final and executory verdict for Ray Rice.

Going back, Adrian Peterson’s case has no evident signs of a cover up. In the same manner, there are no rumors about those degrading videos or mysterious voice mails which can further complicate the case of Adrian Peterson. Instead, his conflict with legal matters only involved his perhaps, authoritarian styles of parenting. Although there are too many conflicting provisions according to both camps, he must stand before the honorable Texas court to defend him-self as an ordinary parent who is only after the welfare of his child. If the wheels of justice will be on his side, he can still play for the Minnesota Vikings. On the contrary, if he loses his appeal he can immediately file a Temporary Restraining Order and this will pave the way for him to resume his playing stints with the Vikings.

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