What is Aftonbladet? Aftonbladet is a Swedish tabloid published in 1830 during the modernization of Sweden and founded by Lars Johan Hierta. It is one of the largest daily newspapers in the Nordic countries. The Swedish tabloid is owned by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and Norwegian media group Schibsted, and its editorial page describes it as an “independent social-democratic newspaper”. It was a tabloid that reported news and also criticized the new Swedish king Charles XIV John.


Why is Aftonbladet a trending topic?

After the controversy, the king stopped Aftonbladet from being printed and banned it. This was answered by starting the new newspaper “Det andra Aftonbladet” (The second Aftonbladet), which was subsequently banned, followed by new versions named in similar fashion until the newspaper had been renamed 26 times, after which it was allowed by the king. Aftonbladet adopted Internet publishing early on. It has been published on the world wide web since August 25, 1994, and the main news service is free. Since its inception, aftonbladet.se has consistently been rated as one of the five most visited Swedish websites in various surveys.

Now, why is Aftonbladet a trending topic? After many reading and browsing, nothing really specific about Aftonbladet, except for the fact that Sweden is one of the highest rates of broadband usage per head of population in the world, making online media a perfect fit for Swedish consumers. Another possible reason is that public who are keep on using hashtags or keywords such as #aftonbladet is giving a major impact on the results ending up as trending topics especially on Twitter.

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