Traveling across the vastness of the Philippine archipelago is indeed a priceless recreational activity to engage in. Generally, knowing the unspeakable “Pearl of the Orient” by heart will provide millions of tourists the rare opportunity to trace back its significant and vibrant history at a glance. In the bewitching province of Southern Leyte, there is a captivating and magnificent architectural structure that continues to draw countless of exploring voyagers the world over because of its unusual tenacity, conceptual framework and its lasting legacy in Philippine Tourism. The Agas Agas Bridge in Southern Leyte, is enchantingly located in the humble municipality of Sogod, Southern Leyte. In the exotic and expressive parlance of Filipino Tourism, it is known as the “Philippines’ Tallest Bridge”.

Agas-Agas Bridge, is dubbed as the "Tallest Bridge in the Philippines, which has been majestically equipped with a zipline as a recreational facility.

Agas-Agas Bridge, is dubbed as the “Tallest Bridge in the Philippines, which has been majestically equipped with a zipline as a recreational facility.

Structurally, this notable bridge in the charming municipality of Sogod has an actual measurement of 292 feet, which is amazingly equal to the making of three storeys. Apart from this very electrifying attribute of Southern Leyte’s Bridge of Agas Agas, this is also a christened haven of the longest zipline in the Philippines specifically in the mesmerizing territorial boundaries of Eastern Visayas. Moreover, Agas Agas Bridge has a total length of 880 meters. Essentially, it was purposely built to preciously serve as a primal and legendary tourist attraction of this progressive and tranquil province. According to the goal driven architects and engineers of this historic architectural labyrinth of Eastern Visayas, it has the most prolific columns in the history of Philippine Architecture since time immemorial. This was made possible because of its linear bridge, which measures 350 meters no more, no less.

Furthermore, the incomparable engendering of this highly-commended tourist gem of the Filipinos has been made much sturdier by mixing its prototype with steels of high quality and other materials which are made up of other concrete materials; thereby, making this scenic spot a much sought tourist attraction in today’s modern world. Afterwards, the city government had decided to raise some funds to pave the way for the construction of anchored piers to be perfectly situated on ground level.

Accordingly, the ultimate concern of those in authority with respect to the much needed renovation of Agas Agas Bridge is to avoid the occurrence of inevitable calamities like landslides and heavy downpours due to storm surges, that could mercilessly affect those families who are residing in its danger zones. Most importantly, this monumental work of art by innovative human hands will make it certain that the huge sections of Mahaplag-Sogod will be kept open without any structural impediment or whatsoever.

Historical Overview of Agas Agas Bridge

Agas Agas Bridge was adorably crafted with the critical adaptation of world-class modernity. In effect, millions of tourists who will frequently visit this one-of-a-kind and humongous tourist hub in Leyte will have the time and pleasure to personally experience its effectuating essentials by the utmost convenience it sets forth; for those first time spectators who would gladly travel from Luzon to Mindanao without any inch of difficulty at all. Thanks to its its versatile and time-tested conduit that was subjected to a series of architectural experiments before it was finally put into place.

Admission Rates

Do you want to experience the most thrilling kind of adventure that will keep your adrenalin pumping from time to time? Then, Agas Agas Bridge will never let you down. All you have to is to pay for a very affordable admission fee, which is solely dependent on the type of adventure that you want to explore to the hilt. Before going on any further, let this article remind each one of you that Agas Agas Bridge has ziplines and cable cars for you to fall in love with all over again. For its zipline galore, each traveler has to pay a somewhat pricey amount of Php 280 per person. On the other hand, cable cars are made more affordable at Php 20.00 per person, if you are an adult. As for your kids, it has to be Php 100.00 per head for as long as their age brackets range from 10 years old and below.

Getting There

Getting there at Agas Agas Bridge, is so easy. Just follow these steps. If you are a native of Cebu, all you need to do is to have an advance booking to the City of Tacloban. For those residents of Metro Manila, why not try another route from Leyte to Cebu for a change? Among the best flight carriers that can take you there safe and sound are as follows: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air. Meanwhile, for those first time backpackers in the Philippines the next best thing to do is to patiently wait for the arrival of those buses who would come from these converging points of Mindanao and Luzon.


If you want to commune with this splendid Agas Agas Bridge, you can easily find it in Barangay Kahupian Sogod, Southern Leyte

Truly, every man is a genius. His far reaching brilliance and wisdom has widely spoken about how this immeasurable architectural treasure can marvelously transcend any humble island into an undisputed rendezvous of fun, excitement and an avenue of endless discoveries that only Agas Agas Bridge can unselfishly provide.


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