Jim Kales, is not a classic example of an ordinary athlete. Do you want to know the reason why? Mr. Kales will be 99 years old this September. Although his age is in its twilight years, this 99-year old athlete is busy preparing for the summer’s Senior Olympic Games.

Jim Kales is a super athlete whose age is 99 years old.

Jim Kales is a super athlete whose age is 99 years old.

In an interview, he gleefully shared his routine while preparing for the much awaited tournament. He said that he goes dancing three to five times a week during night time, he plays tennis six days a week and goes bowling and toured around southwest of Florida in his wine-colored Lincoln MKZ. He adds that he does not practice at all for the javelin throw, shot put, discus, long jump or even his expertise, the triple jump of which he incidentally holds the record for his amazing age group.

According to him, people often approaches him and they are asking about what is his secret to long life. This 99-year old athlete not known to many played tennis in his 80s and began competing in the Senior Olympics when he was 90 years old. He said that he likes to play tennis, to dance and go bowling, in addition, he does not abuse himself. He is also fond of eating seafood; he also does not forget his glass of wine mostly red and white wine during dinner coupled with fish.

During the last Olympics, he had won a bronze medal in shot put and two golds and three silver medals in other sporting events at the Senior games which was held in Cleveland last July. This year in the Olympics, he did well and brought home two gold medals, three silver and a bronze. Although Kales was quite upset because he was not able to win any medal in the discus event, he hopes to improve and create a new record for him-self in the soon to be held senior games.

Mr. Kales is proud of his dance expertise which has quite long and impressive list that ranges from swing, cha-cha, rumba, tango, foxtrot, waltz and Texas two-step. Just recently, he was able to master the quick step from a woman at a Florida dance studio. During the singles dance this year, he was not able to give an interview because he was too busy dancing. He further to an interviewer to call him the following day.

More so, it will be observed in the dance floor that almost all younger people headed to the table for a quick rest while catching their breath, On the other hand, Mr. Kales continues to strut across the floor regardless of his age. Thus, he proudly told everyone that dancing is what keeps him going. He can dance on and on for almost three hours. Well, can anyone beat that? Despite his age, his physique and stamina had not diminished unlike the generation of younger tennis players. In the Olympic doubles, his partner is a 90-year old man. Jim plays in a lower age bracket that is meant for people who are between 90 to 94 years old.

Who is Mr. Jim Kales?

Mr. Jim Kales was a retired restaurant owner who hails from Michigan. He did not take sports or dancing seriously until his wife died when he was 85 years old. While coping up with his loneliness, his tennis playmates informed him of the Senior Olympics which was officially known as the National Senior Games. He then qualified at state level matches. He then discovered that the games also include field sports for which he had not tried ever since he was a child. With practice and determination to excel in his newly found hobby, he luckily qualified and continues to play and compete until now.

Now, who says that sports are for younger people only? It only takes some discipline and the will to do what you want to accomplish. Isn’t this the time to be healthy and fit even if age is catching up on each and everyone of us? Remember, age is just a number.

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