Today, I’m writing about a friend who is deeply in love with love, but seriously thinks that love doesn’t love her back. She is beautiful, smart, and kind-hearted. She got lots of talents and she use them to lend a helping hand. Everybody likes her.

The agonies of love are temporary and fleeting.

The agonies of love are temporary and fleeting.

She is selfless, caring, and indeed loving. She is actually a great catch. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a woman as dynamic as her? Who wouldn’t want to lay eyes on her, and be loved by such a wonderful creation?

She is in love with the notion of falling in love. She badly wants to know how it feels to be in the arms of a man who truly treasures her. She falls easily for men, but always chooses to love them from afar, while secretly hoping that they would notice her. Unfortunately, nobody did. Nobody does up to this very moment. There are times when some men do good deeds to her. But, she’s been left with false hopes and assumptions.

Whenever my friend looks at this aspect of her life called Love, she can’t help but ask some questions that eventually hurt her. If she’s indeed a great catch, why do men seem to not notice the real her? Why do they seem to not see her strengths as a woman? She also hates her-self for falling in love too easily. She’s left with the Agonies of Love.

My friend is not used to befriending men. She has no idea on how they think and act. She is innocent when it comes to them. Now, she’s deeply troubled by the fact that she easily falls in love, not to mention her struggles in finding the ideal and right one.  Below, are some pieces of advice that I believe can greatly help her.

Sweet Words of Wisdom in Finding the Right One

In finding the right one, this beautiful and soft-spoken woman, should in a way do the following:

  1. She should expose herself to different men.- By exposure, I mean, she has to meet and hang out with men; get along with them to truly understand their way of thinking. Sometimes, they unintentionally do certain actions that cause some sort of confusion to women. I believe that once my friend have become used to hanging out with men, she will eventually be in the know of how to interpret their actions appropriately. She wouldn’t be deceived by mere nice acts. She wouldn’t have false hopes nor she wouldn’t get hurt easily.
  2. She should try to keep calm at all times, and should not ever romanticize things.- As pointed out earlier, men’s actions can be confusing for women specially to those who are not used to mingling with them. For this, it would be much safer to just stay cool and not put too much thoughts and emotions to everything that a man does. A woman should be grateful when a man does her a favor, but she should not create too many assumptions about such acts. In this way, she can protect her-self from getting hurt by those false presumptions.
  3. She should stay relaxed. Instead focus on her strengths.- As I’ve previously mentioned, my friend has lots of good qualities that make her ideal as well. But her not-so-good situation makes her doubt about her endearing traits. She starts to have this negative notion that she’s not that attractive, and then bears a considerable amount of insecurity in her senses. Needless to say, it’s not a good thing to do. My friend is indeed beautiful inside and out. She has lots of innate qualities that can make men fall for her. Undoubtedly, there’s truth to such statements. She just only needs to believe in her-self and fight off her negative thoughts.

Today I’m writing for my friend and every woman who shares the same agonies. To all those women out there, you are beautiful. We all are. We just have to believe in our-selves and learn how to explore the world, meet new people, and gain a lot of experiences. Don’t allow your-self to be consumed by the so-called agonies of love. Don’t you ever think that love doesn’t love you back. Of course, it does and It always will.

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