The indescribable beauty and wonders of the Philippines are really unforgettable. Just because those tourist attractions that bring prestige and global recognition, to its people and international counterparts. Apart from these mesmerizing destinations, this nation proudly presents to the world, noble wildlife sanctuaries which are especially meant to nurture and preserve its precious and beyond compare natural resources which are uniquely found in the various archipelagos of the Pearl of the Orient. Have you ever been to Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary? Well, if you have not included this yet in your travel itineraries it’s high time that you should do so. It is then duty bound to fruitfully experience of how the Philippines and its prolific tourism industry treats this enigmatic sanctuary without any fuss at all.

The enchanting Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary.

The enchanting Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary.

To begin with, this article wants to provide you detailed information to undoubtedly prove that it remarkably deserve to become one of the most cherished heritage sites of UNESCO.
The Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is briefly described as a tourist attraction which has a well-defined territory of freshwater marshes and water courses that have astonishingly ensemble the genuine characteristics of those lakes that are shallow but categorically belong to the so-called Agusan River basin. Moreover, the Agusan Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary has those tributaries which are truly blessed and which above all things superbly exhibited skyrocketing landscapes, all the way up to the tranquil and relaxing hills of Mindanao. Also, there are some marshes that creatively serve the purpose of cradling those common or conventional fish ponds that everyone wishes to see before their naked eyes. Best of all, the Marsh of Agusan Wildlife Sanctuary is a huge depository of rainwater.

Ecologically, this finest heritage site of Mindanao has the ability to decrease the downstream flow of water due to unexpected floods in the town and municipalities of Butuan City. It is considered as the biggest most contained body of freshwater basin catch in the busy and progressive province of Agusan. Essentially, the primal habitat of a given marsh is comprised of a freshwater swamp forest, which is about 49% of the total land area of the world renowned tourist habitat. Similarly, there is the unique presence of a secondary scrub at around 14 percent. In essence, this goes to show that it is indeed one of the most outrageous and must see ecological attractions in the Philippines. Apart from these fascinating features of the wildlife sanctuary, there are also tremendously refreshing rivers and pools, agricultural lands and amazing rice paddles, which are wisely utilized by its people in the bosom of Agusan del Sur. Advantages wise, Interestingly, the varying ecological advantages of marshes especially in a Third World country like the Philippines are as follows: These are the most significant abodes of rare water birds such as wild ducks, egrets and herons. A marvelous wildlife sanctuary, just like the Agusan Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary takes care of an extremely one-of-a-kind specie of Philippine wilds by the name of an Oriental Darter.

Thus, the other significant uses of this awesome eco-friendly place are listed below. It has a pivotal function in the socio-economic endeavors of the province. In fact,the magnificent Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary has a paramount importance in the vast and diverse ecological systems of the Philippines. It acts as a wintering place, of those colorful migratory birds from China, Japan and Russia. Accordingly, it was lawfully created under the power and virtue of Presidential Proclamation No.913 on the 13th day of October, 1996. During the incumbency of the Ramos administration, it has also been cited as one of the Ramsar Sites in the Philippines. Hence, it was deservingly included in the globally recognized roster of Wetlands of International Importance or otherwise known as RAMSAR TREATY No.1009. Officially, this had taken place on November 12, 1999. Therefore, this illustrious tourist attraction was designated as a special nesting area of those lovely migratory birds in the Philippines.

Along this line, this peaceful sanctuary 127 birds which rightfully belong to their respective 47 families. This scientific finding was according to a survey by Haribon Foundation way back in 1999. Actually, there are three species around the fabulous Marsh of Agusan Wildlife Sanctuary which are subjected to conservation procedures. These are the Silvery Kingfisher, Philippine Duck and a Black Headed Tailorbird. Conversely, there are fourteen freshwater species, 21 species of amphibians and 39 species of continuously growing reptiles. Given this kind of natural endowment, it is sufficing to assume that the Philippines is never left in the sidelines when it comes to the evolution and endless transcendence of those irreplaceable gifts from the Almighty, for as long as its people are all conscientiously working together to honorably possess the most magnificent and tangible assets of freedom loving Filipinos in and around the world. Meanwhile, the meteorological make up of Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary has a Type IV climate classification.

Under the said category, it has frequent occurrences of rainfall. Hence, this kind of weather condition in Agusan del Sur is abundantly showered with the right amount of rainfall that is equally given for the benefit of those friendly natives of the province throughout the year. Unbelievably, Agusan del Sur is not a typhoon belt of the Philippines. Needless to say, the Philippines has strongly dominated the world of wildlife sanctuaries despite of the still unresolved economic dilemmas. The Agusan Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary has time and again proven, to each and everyone that there are no difficult challenges that cannot be successfully hurdled; if these are really resolved with immeasurable faith, hope and determination for the betterment of the environment, its people and nation as a whole.

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