Comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas was too swift to defend Lipa City Governor Vilma Santos Recto over grammatical error issues that cost her to be bashed online by the so called grammar police via the internet. According to delas Alas, if you really idolize a person, it is best if you should protect her personally. In addition, she further said that she really felt bad for her beloved Ate Vi. Delas Alas said that someone like Governor Santos should not be bashed like that.

Veteran comedienne Ai- Ai delas Alas strongly defends Governor Santos over grammar flaws.

Veteran comedienne Ai- Ai delas Alas strongly defends Governor Santos over grammar flaws.

As a result, she has decided to leave her Twitter account for good. Apart from these, she was even cursed by anonymous bashers because of her judging style on Philippines Got Talent. Going back Ai-Ai said such a rude and unethical act must not be done to someone like actress turned politician Vilma Santos Recto. Similarly, it was really a big nonsense because after all, the sweet note was not intended for these kinds of people in the social media.

On the other hand, there are some concerned netizens who said that Kris Aquino should have thought of her actions prior to the posting of that very controversial note of Governor Santos Recto.These people have also critically noted that Kris might have been very much aware of such errors. In effect, its ultimate repercussion was nonetheless endless personal attacks and somehow, a totally degrading impression of other people to the person who honestly committed an honest mistake on the correct usage of certain words.

Going back to Ai-Ai it has been allegedly said that she Kris Aquino are no longer the best of friends because of undisclosed personal reasons.Prior to their supposedly rift, delas Alas and Aquino called each other as friendship. In fact, they have done together a commercial endorsement about a certain food enhancer.

At the rate things are going, it looks like that Ai-Ai delas Alas is not yet ready to rekindle her long and lost friendship with Kris Aquino. Nevertheless, both of these popular celebrities have learned something out of their short lived friendship. It is no other than but, Nothing is permanent in this world except CHANGE.

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