The ever-beautiful comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas has finally admitted that she is giving herself a chance to fall in love all over again. Although the identity of her new lover remains to be a big secret to the press for quite sometime, now it can be told. The gorgeous guy who is making Ai-Ai to be more beautiful is no other than but Gerald Sibayan. He was the former star player of the famed De La Salle badminton team.

He is just 20 years old and he is currently taking up Sports Management at DLSU. Meanwhile, Ai-Ai is at present team manager of the said badminton team. Ai-Ai describes the guy as sweet, caring and very gentlemanly. She said that she is very much happy with her relationship right now. Given this kind of a situation, she feels like a queen today. After her most heartbreaking relationship with Jed Sanggalang, God has given her the best gift on her upcoming birthday in November. The optimistic comedienne is constantly optimistic will turn 50. Therefore, love has leaps and bounds for as long as you are sincere in earnestly looking for it. At last, God has given her the best of both worlds.

Ai-Ai delas Alas gives love another chance to make her happy.

Ai-Ai delas Alas gives love another chance to make her happy.

In addition, there is no such thing as age does matter when it comes to love. At 50, she was given the opportunity to realize that everyone has the right to fall in love at the right time and place. Let us provide Ai-Ai the benefit of the doubt when it comes to heart matters. As far as her children are concerned, it is very much understood that they will always accept the one who will make her happy. On the part of Gerald, he is very much lucky for having Ai- Ai delas Alas in his life.

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