Former child star Aiza Seguerra and his lovely partner Lisa Dino really want to have a child of their own through the tedious process of artificial insemination. However, the couple has yet to decide about the identity of the-sperm donor. Given this kind of a situation, the loving couple is taking everything in stride. Apart from their desire to have a child, they are both busy preparing for their forthcoming wedding in the United States.

Singer Aiza Seguerra and partner Lisa Dino want to have a child.

Singer Aiza Seguerra and partner Lisa Dino want to have a child

After which, Aiza and Lisa will also solemnize their union through symbolic means here in the Philippines. In so doing, Dino and Seguerra have nothing more to prove as far as their controversial love affair is concerned. To date, Dino said that Aiza is somehow assuming the role of a real husband in the strictest sense of the word. Therefore, she cannot ask for more. Prior to their meeting, Aiza’s wife to be has a child by her previous relationship. In line with this, Aiza Seguerra wants to treat the kid as her own. Currently, they are already living as husband and wife in one roof.

On the lighter side of the story, some say that Lisa and Aiza’s union will not last that long. But, they have proven everyone wrong. In fact, the blinding light of her partner’s popularity does not matter to her at all. To date, Liza had worked in the United States long before she met Aiza. Thus, what matters to them at the moment is the undeniable reality that they truly treasure each other’s love for one another.

Conclusively, true love knows no bounds. It’s just a matter of how Aiza Seguerra and Lisa Dino dearly regard the presence of one another to foster growth and maturity among them-selves.

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