The sweetest and nicest thing about love is that when you have already found your destiny, no matter who you are and how it all happened. This is perhaps the best statement that can describe Filipina singer Aiza Seguerra and her fiance, Lisa Dino. It is a common knowledge that both Seguerra and Dino got engaged in January of this year. From then on, the couple has decided to live together under one roof although they know for a fact that in a country like the Philippines, it is somehow ruled by social norms that are extremely conventional in its strictest sense. Therefore, what they had done will surely be misunderstood by some people. But as they say, Love conquers all.

According to Aiza, their major decision to live together will foster a harmonious adjustment insofar as her fiance’s six-year old child is concerned. Lisa has a son from a previous relationship. Also, it was planned on purpose because the child often asked them many questions. Nevertheless, they were able to provide him the most practical answers with so much ease. In fact, the boy recognizes her as his step parent.

Aiza Seguerra

Former child wonder Aiza Seguerra and her fiance are living together like an ordinary family.

In the years to come, Aiza and Lisa are hoping to get married in the United States. At present, her lady-love is already getting her documents ready in preparation for securing a US citizenship the soonest. Speaking of their fondest dreams, they are planning to have a symbolic wedding in their respective hometowns in the future.

Remarkably, the invincible power of love can make a person selfless and be more motivated to achieve what his/her heart desires. Aiza Seguerra has made her-self an epitome of a father figure that only her can fruitfully accomplish.

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