The versatility of an actress is not only gauged by the kind and intensity of talent that she has, but also by the different roles he or she played over the years. Alessandra de Rossi, an exclusive contract star of GMA Network wants to earnestly request her home studio to provide her with more challenging roles instead of the usual ones. According to Alessandra, those not so good portrayals have been a part of her system since she was only 19 years of age. This time, she wants to hone and explore her acting prowess by assuming role assignments that will inspire millions of viewers.

Actress Alessandra wants to portray more challenging roles.

Actress Alessandra wants to portray more challenging roles

Although Alessandra De Rossi is already a multi-awarded actress, she firmly believes that as an artist she has a huge social responsibility to her viewers. This is the main reason why, she wants those roles with moral lessons. Currently, she is one of the cast in the latest teleseries of GMA’s-7, The Two Mrs. Reals. This newest dramatic offering of Kapuso network stars Dingdong Dantes and Maricel Soriano to name a few. Indeed, Alessandra de Rossi is a rare gem in Philippine Showbiz.

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