Basketball superstar Ali Peek bids his million of Filipino basketball fans in the PBA a tearful but fulfilling farewell, after winning six different hardcourt titles during his heydays. Initially, his thoughts about retiring from the sport that became a part of his exciting and contented lifestyle would soon become a reality when he turns 40. However, there were several inevitable factors like age, the emergence of new and freshest faces in the PBA and most of all, those unbearable injuries that he had suffered from made him decide to retire as early as possible. Last Wednesday, Ali Peek announced his immediate retirement from the PBA. This sudden move of his, will grandiosely put an end to his 16-year basketball career which was somehow filled with memorable victories and challenges along the way.

Ali Peek retires from PBA after 16 long years of a glorious basketball career,

Ali Peek retires from PBA after 16 long years of a glorious basketball career,

Ali Peek made his untimely disclosure by making a humble and serious statement which goes, “If I don’t have a problem, my goal is to play until 40″. Going back, Ali Peek who is a Fil-American, started his basketball stint with the Philippine Basketball Association when he was luckily chosen by Pop Cola during the PBA Draft in 1998. From then on, he has made a legendary name of his own by making his powerful presence felt like a towering mountain when he plays in all sincerity inside the basketball court.

Due to his incomparable basketball performances, Ali Peek had deservingly won several awards such as the “Best Player of the Conference Award” and those PBA championship crowns which made him a sensational basketball player of all time.

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